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QuestBoise 2015 & July Minecraft at 3D GameLab!

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We're sizzling with summer fun at 3D GameLab! Learn to use Google Apps, build a classroom Minecraft experience, and listen to the great speakers presenting virtually at QuestBoise 2015.

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QuestBoise 2015 & July Minecraft at 3D GameLab!

  1. 1. July 30-31, 2015 questboise. com : Dr. Karl Kapp : Joins us for our third annual FREE two day virtual unconference on Thursday, July 30th @ 10:30 AM MT quest-based learning. Explore aspects of gamification in the classroom, Five Game E| ement5 that including quest and reward system design, creating storylines, the Open Badges Initiative, and more. Lead to Leammg i Q Google Apps Minecraft ‘ for Education! in Schools 3” GAMELAB Guild Officers: Mark Suter an GAMELAB Guild Officer: Lucas Gillispie TEACHER CAMP Main Audience: All Teachers TEACHER CAMP Main Audience: All Teachers Description: Description: Have you seen Google Apps For Education Suite Lately? Grab your pickaxe! Its time to dive into the world of The "old" classics of Docs, Sheets, and Slides are still there (and updated! ) but there are a host of new apps, plugins, Minecraft. These quests will introduce you to the incredible, open, sandbox world of Minecraft. While and mods to make managing and engaging students easier learning the basics of the game and its history, you'll have than ever. We'll start with a "Dime Tour" of the new a chance to see how other schools are using it while features of the classics, and new apps like Classroom, the making connections to your own classroom. During our class management tool. Then you will become a student live field trips in Minecraft, you'll tour real and see their experience as you work student—designed projects and have through typical workflow of a a chance to create your own classroom using GAFE. Finally, while enjoying an open Q & we'll look at plugins and mods that extend the functionality of GAFE, from a check—in/ check-out system for Minecraft in School program. A with Lucas Gillispie, creator of the reknown classroom materials to auto—grading quizzes. 3dgame| ab. com