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Scary animals

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A simple slideshow for Y1&2 scary animals research projects

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Scary animals

  1. 1. B Y M I S S H I L LScary Animals
  2. 2. FoxFoxes are smallmammals ,a bit smallerthan the average dog.They have a longnarrow snout, a bushytail, sharp teeth andclever brains. Theyhave long legs topounce on their prey.Foxes are carnivores.They eat smalleranimals like rats, mice,large insects likegrasshoppers, andsometimes fruit.Foxes live in the cityand the country,anywhere they can findfood.
  3. 3. CheetahThe cheetah has short furthat is tan with roundblack spots . It has a longtail, long strong legs, anda big nose to breathe inmore air for fast running.It has sharp claws and bigpowerful teeth.The cheetah is acarnivore. It eats smalleranimals like deer, babygiraffes , fowls and hares.The cheetah lives in thegrasslands of Africawhere it can find prey.
  4. 4. Porcupine(echidna)Porcupines are rodentsthat have sharp spines, orquills, that protect themfrom predators. Theygrow new quills toreplace old ones. Theyhave short legs and a longtail.Porcupines live in forests,deserts, rocks and grass.Some live in trees, butmost stay on the rocks.They eat leaves, herbs,twigs and green plantsand in the winter theymay eat bark. They oftenclimb trees to find food.
  5. 5. Vampire batVampire bats havewings and legs. Theysmall ears and eyes, anda short tail. They havesharp front teeth forcutting the skin of theirprey. Their back teethare small.Vampire bats drinkblood. They hunt atnight.They live in dark places,such as caves, hollowtrees, and buildings.They only live in SouthAmerica.
  6. 6. Spiny ant-eaterEchidnas are smallmammals covered withcoarse hair and spines.They have long, thinsnouts, and short, stronglegs with large claws fordigging. They have asmall mouth , no teethand a long sticky tongue.To get food they tearopen soft logs andanthills, and use theirlong, sticky tongue tocollect their prey. Spinyanteaters eat ants andtermites.They live in grass ordeserts. They buildburrows.
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