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First and main.pptx2

  1. 1. 100 Block Map of downtown Moscow  Mingles Bar and Grill  Camas Prairie Winery  Hall Closet Uniform  Bucer’s Coffee Pub
  2. 2. TIMELINE A historic account of the McConnell-McGuire Building 1890-2010
  3. 3. Mercantile (1890-1900)
  4. 4. 1890-1900 The McConnell-Maguire building was completed Nov. 27, 1891. Upon finishing, the building held three floors of merchandise. According to The Moscow Mirror in January 1892, the McConnell- Maguire Company’s aim was to” supply all the wants of the people and at a small profit.” The company was one of the biggest retail stores Moscow has ever seen. However, the company went bankrupt during the Panic of 1893 and the business closed.
  5. 5. Williamson’s (1910-1920)
  6. 6. 1910-1920 Nathaniel Williamson moved his store The Greater Boston from 408 S. Main to the McConnell-Maguire Building in 1911. Upon arriving there, he greatly expanded his business and opened it as the Williamson Center. The business sold a variety of merchandise such as furniture, dry goods, shoes, and clothing. He expanded the business to the adjoining Brown Block building where he housed a restaurant and grocery and hardware store. On the Williamson Center hung an electric sign the length of the building that could be seen from the Viola grade. It also had a working elevator from the basement
  7. 7. 1920-1930 Williamson’s lease of the McConnell-Maguire Building ended in 1920, and the business ended. The building was mainly vacant for almost the whole decade minus a short time in which a Piggly Wiggly grocer occupied the first floor. In February 1928, a Portland contractor announced they would be remodeling the building to house 45 apartments. The remodel began on Feb. 16, the day of Nathaniel Williamson’s funeral. The building was then known as the Thatuna Building.
  8. 8. 1930-1940 Agricultural Adjustment Administration was a government agency that was enacted in 1933 through President Roosevelt’s New Deal program. It was established to help farmers during the depression. AAA offices were located in the Thatuna Building during the 1930s.
  9. 9. Brown’s Furniture Store (1940- 1950)
  10. 10. 1940-1950 (1960,1970) The Louis Strauss family of Coville, Washington began Brown’s furniture on the first level of the Thatuna Building in the mid-1940s. The store remained at that location until the late 1970s.
  11. 11. 1970-1980 The McConnell-Maguire Building was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in March 1978.
  12. 12. 1980-1990 In 1981, Ron and Julie Wells of renovation business Wells & Company of Spokane bought the McConnell building. It was the first of their many renovation projects they have done in the Northwest. The couple updated the building and remodeled it into the building it is today. They also signed a contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development that allows the 34 renovated apartments to be set aside for elderly tenants and people with disabilities. Derek Ater began managing the building in 1983. Also, the Corner Pocket bar was located on the first floor throughout this decade.
  13. 13. 2000- Now Tisa Ater took over her husband’s managing position in 1990 and continues to manage the building to this day. The McConnell-Maguire Building currently is the location for Mingles Bar and Grill on the first level (originally the Corner Pocket). Mabbutt Law Office is also located on the First Street of the first floor. 9On the second level, a nationwide discount retail agency called Assist 2 Sell took residence in the building in 2006. The Loft is a salon that has been located on the second floor of the building since 2004. The rest of the building is still the home to apartments for elderly and disabled
  14. 14. McConnell- McGuire Building From the 1890’s mercantile to the trendy bar of the 21st century the McConnell- McGuire Building still stands with all its beauty.
  15. 15. Located on the Northeast corner The McConnell McGuire Building was built with Arched windows, peaked tops, three stories with stained glass window accents. The buildings historic architecture has been well preserved and can still be admired in all it’s glory.
  16. 16. William McConnell Idaho’s third governor William McConnell was one of the pioneers of Moscow. His friend McGuire and him together made the beautiful McConnell-McGuire Building on the corner of First and Main.
  17. 17. Mr. McConnell By: Lisa Short On the When first built the beautiful corner of First and building was used for a Main you will find a Mercantile for William beautiful, old building. McConnell to sell goods and The building stands produce to miners. His tall with high arched mercantile flourished and he windows and off-white was known as the Merchant paint. It has been Prince of Idaho. McConnell altered and worked well in many aspects of restored, but you can his life. His mercantile tell. Mingles Bar and thrived, his political power Grill takes up the grew as he eventually became bottom floor with Idaho’s third governor and a apartments above it. sturdy home life. McConnell A day salon and a lived with his wife, Louisa and real estate company five children in a house on fill the voids. This Adams Street. Although they historic structure struggled through the Great
  18. 18. William McConnell moved to the west coast from Michigan when he was young. He lived in California where he farmed cattle, mined and banked. A year in the 1980’s McConnell moved to Oregon and taught school. In 1883 he moved to Idaho to serve as a Deputy Marshal. McConnell returned to Oregon to cattle farm before he permanently moved to Idaho. In 1980 McConnell was elected McConnell and his wife, Louisa raised their five to serve in the remainder of 51st children in the McConnell Mansion on First and United States Congress. Adams Street in Moscow. Although the McConnell was a senator for a McConnell’s lost their home during the Great year then elected to be the Depression it was bequeathed by Latah Governor of Idaho for two County in 1966 and declared a museum. The consecutive terms. house remains as a museum to remember one McConnell served as Indian of the founders of the town. Inspector and then Inspector of Immigration Services until he To learn more on the McConnell Mansion visit died in 1925. the Latah County Historical Society.
  19. 19. McConnell’s Professional Life McConnell had many profession throughout the course of his life time. As he traveled from California to Oregon to Idaho he went through various trades and professions. Including… Miner Banker Senator Cattle Teacher Governor Rancher Inspector of Store Owner U.S. Marshal Immigration services
  20. 20. Miss Anything? More information on William McConnell and the McConnell- McGuire Building visit these website: Latah Historic Society Moscow Chamber of Commerce story/History.htm University of Idaho Library