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F1 Making the Case

Slides "F1 Making the Case" for a one-day workshop on "Preparing for the Future: Technological Challenges and Beyond" by Brian Kelly and Tony Hirst at the ILI 2015 conference on Monday 19 October 2015.

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F1 Making the Case

  1. 1. Preparing for the Future: Technological Challenges and Beyond F1: Making The Case Brian Kelly Independent researcher/consultant at UK Web Focus Ltd. Tony Hirst Senior lecturer at The Open University Contact Details Brian Kelly Tony Hirst Email: Email: Twitter: @briankelly Twitter: @psychemedia Blog: Blog: Slides and further information available at UK Web Focus Event hashtag: #ili2015fut
  2. 2. F: Making The Case Important to You – But What Are The Next Steps? You have identified technologies / technology- related areas which you feel will be important in your area of work. Next steps: • Identify the implications of the technologies • Assess the associated risks • Make a case to senior management for further related work 2
  3. 3. F: Making The Case Planning: Risk Assessment The Need to Explicitly Address Risks From “Risks and Opportunities Framework for Exploiting the Social Web” by Kelly & Oppenheim: • Summarise risks • Summary risks of not adopting technology • Summarise strategies for minimising (or accepting) risks • Document biases and prejudices • Provide evidence base 3 Can you innovate without taking risks?
  4. 4. F: Making The Case Planning: Action Brief Statement Technology Will Not Defeat Us: Next Steps Having identified future developments of relevance to the organisation, you will now need to convince senior management of the potential. From the Hyperlinked Library MOOC Planning template from assignment 2: Action Brief Statement: Convince ______ that by _______ they will ________ which will ________ because _______. 4Acknowledgements to Michael Stephens and Kyle Jones This tool was used in a number of Planning for Future workshops (with voting and prizes)
  5. 5. F: Making The Case Group Exercise You have an opportunity make a case to a senior management need which has funding to explore innovative technologies. In your groups: • Select one of the technologies identified previously • Identify possible scenarios which may influence take-up, positively and negatively • Identify possible risks and risk management approaches • Prepare a case for funding investigation of your selected area • Give a presentation of < 5 minutes Note only one submission can be funded! 5 GroupExercise
  6. 6. F: Making The Case Questions? 6