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Top Qualities of good manager

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Drive to a Good Manager ?

Article covers the essential skills required to become a good manager.

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Top Qualities of good manager

  1. 1. All rights reserved © Liven Varghese | 1 Drive to a Good Manager ? Top qualities for a Good Manager Liven Varghese - IT Strategist , Technology Leader Group IT Director , SgT Group Mail :
  2. 2. All rights reserved © Liven Varghese | 2 Qualities for a Good Manager Manager – a person who managing the organization. Based on my experience in managing multi-cultural teams and meeting different industry leaders and management gurus, I recommend here few qualities essential for a good manager. Of course each industry needs its own domain knowledge managers, but on top of this knowledge, must have other essential qualities.
  3. 3. All rights reserved © Liven Varghese | 3 Qualities for a Good Manager Essential qualities for Good manager -  Leadership Ability to take initiatives and inspires the team with shared vision on right motivational track. You need to a person of integrity and trustworthy. Integrity is the most respected value of leadership. As a leader you must be believe in yourself and build up self-discipline.  Attitude It helps managers to go bold decisions when required. Your +ve attitude can inspire others and surely helps to build morale in your team. Positive attitude of manager always brings good working environment and high team productivity, also leads to employee satisfaction.  Communication Communicate instructions clearly (your messages, tasks, presentations, speeches etc). While with a team, respect the person you talk to, listen team members feedback, understand team members work style, organize your meetings, presentations etc. Effective communicators always provide constructive and effective feedback timely to employees.
  4. 4. All rights reserved © Liven Varghese | 4 Qualities for a Good Manager  Being Human Interact and connect with team on human level which brings mutual respect. Managers must have HR skills and always being thanked to team. Peoples are not machines, setting and maintaining the healthy work – life balance is important and essential in fast working environment. Being a good manager you should know the feel of the employee. Empower your employees with human touch.  Confidence Self-confidence = Self Leadership. To achieve self-confidence you need competence and commitment. Good manager always preparing yourself to success by building self-confidence. You have to drive and show this confidence level to employees and by your working methodology they will understand how to gain self-confidence at work.  Creativity Be different with innovative and creative. To be different and innovative, you must have creative thinking and applying. By innovative ideas and concepts, you can bring values to organization and business. A creative person must have the ability to recognize good ideas when it is shared by others. Do things differently! Managers are pillars of the organization. To become a good manager, it is a long term journey. Skills are learned and practice over time to time becomes a Good Manager. Best Wishes!