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Etail 2012 Akamai Chief Scientist keynote

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Etail 2012 Akamai Chief Scientist keynote

  1. 1. Trends and Challenges in the Hyperconnected World Tom Leighton, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Akamai Technologies
  2. 2. The Hyperconnected World Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  3. 3. Explosive Growth Online 2012 2020 More 2.2 Billion1 5 Billion2 People More 8 Billion3 50 Billion4 Devices More $800 Billion1 $3700 Billion2 Dollars Sources: (Global) 1 Internet World Stats 2 Akamai Estimates 3 IMS Research 4 Ericsson Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  4. 4. The Hyperconnected World is Changing Everything Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  5. 5. Changing Shopper Behavior Social networks Traffic share from Facebook and YouTube increased 68% YoY1 Share finds with friends or purchase directly Source: Hitwise, “Sources of Traffic to Retail 500,” December 2011 Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  6. 6. Changing Shopper Behavior Mobile devices Traffic share from mobile devices increased 100% YoY1 Source: eMarketer Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  7. 7. Changing Shopper Behavior Location-based services Search Results 3935 N. FEDERAL HIGHWAY OAKLAND PARK, FL 33308 Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  8. 8. Changing Shopper Behavior Mobile alerts Mobile Alerts: X X There is a promotional Mobile Alerts: price for this product. To receive the details There is a promotional for this offer and future offers from XYZ123 price for this product. text OPTIN to 34527 To receive the details for this offer and future offers from XYZ123 text OPTIN to 34527 Real-time SMS alerts have a 96% response rate.1 Source: IDC Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  9. 9. Changing Shopper Behavior In-store navigation Find products easily Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  10. 10. Changing Shopper Behavior Quick response codes Immediate answers and product information Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  11. 11. Future World: SIM-based Consumer Authentication Could enable: • One-click checkout Hello Tom without signing in • Credit card billing Hello Tom without touching the card • Billing through your phone account Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  12. 12. Managing a Web Presence in the Hyperconnected World • Web servers • Local load balancers • Application servers • SSL and authentication servers • Video streaming infrastructure • Managing third party content • Compression & connection management servers • IDS & IPS servers • DNSSec & IPv6 support • Mobile app infrastructure • Redundant data centers & failover Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  13. 13. The Web: Simple on the Outside… End-Users Internet Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  14. 14. …but Problematic on the Inside 12,000 networks connected by peering points AT&T (Cloud) Datacenters End-Users X Level 3 X Cogent Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  15. 15. The Akamai Solution AT&T (Cloud) Datacenters End-Users X Level 3 Akamai X Server Cogent Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  16. 16. The Akamai Cloud A Global Platform: Delivering 250,000+ Domains • 100,000+ Servers • 39 of Top 40 Online Retail Sites • 1,000+ Networks ATT• 19 of Top 20 Apparel/Accessory Retailers (Cloud) Datacenters • 650+ Cities • 12 of Top 15 Electronics Retailers • 74 Countries • 9 of Top 10 Banks End-Users Accelerating: Level 3 • 20+ million hits per second • 1.5+ trillion deliveries per day • $550 million of eCommerce per day • 99% of all online shoppers Cogent 15–30+% of Web Traffic Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  17. 17. Akamai Powers eCommerce Success 80% faster delivery for dynamic content and applications Increased online revenue from $40 to over $60 Million Saved $1 Million in infrastructure investments Visit Akamai in booth #32-33 Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  18. 18. Challenges in the Hyperconnected World Mobile Performance Web Security Ensure Fast and Reliable Protect Data and Defend Experiences Against Attacks Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  19. 19. Keynote Commerce Index: Desktop vs. Mobile Top 30 Desktop Commerce Sites Top 30 Mobile Commerce Sites Seconds Seconds to load to load We haven't seen 9 seconds since 2001! Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  20. 20. Mobile Performance: Expectation vs. Reality The expectation. • 71% of users expect m-sites to load as quickly as desktop sites • 60% will only wait 3 seconds for a page to load The reality. • Leading m-sites take 9 seconds on average to load • 57% of users have problems accessing m-sites The result. • 43% of users are unlikely to return to a slow-loading m-site • 57% will not recommend the site Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile," 2011 Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  21. 21. Challenge: Mobile Internet Access is SLOW because… …the mobile network architecture was not designed for the Web Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  22. 22. Akamai Mobile Accelerator Test Results % % Faster over Faster over the air WiFi Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  23. 23. What’s Coming: Bandwidth Prioritization Time Until User Sees Page 20 15 Seconds 10 5 0 Without With Akamai/Ericsson Akamai/Ericsson Seconds can be translated to dollars! Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  24. 24. Challenges in the Hyperconnected World Web Performance Web Security Ensure Fast and Reliable Protect Data and Defend Experiences Against Attacks Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  25. 25. The State of Internet Security Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  26. 26. Attacks are Large and Now Commonplace • Typical Attack Size: 3-10 Gbps 600 506 • Large Attack Size: 100-200 Gbps 500 Number of Attacks • Attacks originate from all geographies 400 and move between geographies during the attack 300 231 200 Cost of downtime for large eCommerce 100 sites can exceed $100,000/ min.1 14 0 Source: 1 McAfee 2009 2010 2011 Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  27. 27. Why? Traditional Hackers: Glory Hounds Political Hackitivism Profit State Sponsored Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  28. 28. Holiday Season Cyber Extortion Attacks Akamai Averted $15M in Lost Revenue Times Above Peak Attack PROTECTED Normal Traffic Time (GMT) Customer 1 US Customer #1 9,095x 11/30 2PM US Customer #2 5,803x 12/1 2PM US Customer #3 3,115x 11/30 2PM US Customer #4 2,874x 12/1 1PM Customer 2 US Customer #5 1,807x 12/1 1PM Highly distributed international DDoS attacks from Asia-Pac, South America and Middle East Customer 3 Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  29. 29. Site Corruption Can Damage Brand Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai
  30. 30. Q&A Faster ForwardTM ©2012 Akamai

Notas del editor

  • And I’m not just talking about your TV set or your ipad or your cellphone.I’m talking about your car, your body, and even things that aren’t electronic.QR code for state of the internet report.This means that there will be a lot more people and a lot more devices connecting to the internet and they will be transacting a lot more business and driving a ton more traffic. The numbers around this growth are truly staggering…
  • While walking through the aisles of a store consumers can search for the product they are looking for and they will be prompted with a special offer. Retailers today are experimenting more with third-party location-based services including foursquare and Shopkick to roll out location-aware mobile coupons,
  • By using the mobile In-Store Map consumers not only get a map of the store, but can also see pictures of the interest point, as well as a path leading to the desired product area
  • Mobile devices are changing the everyday customer’s in-store shopping experience way more than before. Customers used to walk into a store and would have to search for a customer service clerk to assist them. Now customers are turning to their mobile devices in search for immediate answers to their questions, even while shopping in-store.When shopping customers were asked about their in-store shopping experience they admitted to taking the following “mobile action” after walking into a store:Search for coupons or dealsScanned a barcode or QR codeTook a picture of a productSent a picture of a product and sent it to family/friendsText/Call Family or Friends about a product or serviceCompared product prices and features
  • Akamai validates user through SIM card and password
  • According to the Keynote Commerce Index the Top 30 desktop commerce sites less than 3 seconds to loadTop 30 mobile commerce sites take almost 9 seconds to load with lower availability (Mention this is Jan 2012)Nothing coming besides LTE in 3 years that starts to address the slow mobile network problem. We are starting now to address
  • Built for voice
  • Partnership with Ericsson:End-to-end accelerationSupport for networks with over 2 billion subscribers in 175 countriesCurrently engaging with enterprise and financial services customers for technical lab trials
  • We saw 500 DDoS-related incident reports last year alone, which was more than double the number we saw in 2010.
  • Extortion and For ProfitGambling, Commerce, Global BrandsUsed to hide or delay response to other attacksShow Offs and Traditional Hackers17 yr old brings down Playstation WebsitePolitical Objection/HacktivismAnonymous/Wikileaks, Opt-In BotnetsState Sponsored2007 Estonia: 100Mbps[1]2008 Georgia: 814Mbps[1]2009 United States: 200Gbps[2]$50-$200 Botnet subscriptions!