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  1. 1. 2012-2013Pointers RunKindergarten Handbook
  2. 2. Contents1. Welcome 7. Volunteering2. Supplies 8. Parent3. Health Information Communication4. Nametags 9. Book Orders5. Snack and Lunch 10. Language Arts6. Field Trips and 11. Math Celebrations 12. Specials
  3. 3. Welcome! Welcome to Pointers Run Elementary School! A new beginning is alwaysexciting and full of surprises! We hope to help you and your child make a smooth transition to Kindergarten.
  4. 4. Supplies You can bring the supplies to the Open House orsend them in your child’s backpack. Paint smocksare needed right away (in ziplock baggie, name onsmock and baggie, old adult button shirt is great!). Visit the PRES website for the complete list.Your child will bring home a clear plastic portfolio on the first day of school. Please return the folder to us each day. We use this folder daily to send you important notices and completed school work.
  5. 5. Health Information and Emergency Cards Health info- Please let us know if your child has any allergies. The school requires an emergency contact form per child. Please fill out and return as soon as possible. Be sure to put the parent contact numbers on the emergency card first.
  6. 6. Nametags Kindergarten kids will need to wear their bus nametags for the first three weeks. Please write their transportation information on the small paper in their tag with a marker (walker, car rider, aftercare, bus number). Check paper for buses and send a note in folder for any changes (kids are only allowed to switch buses if day care issue).
  7. 7. Snack and Luncho Kids have 30 minutes to eat (11:15-11:45). Kids will not eat muchin the beginning-don’t panic.o Parent volunteers are needed to help out at lunch.oTry to send a bag lunch first few weeks. If students are buyinglunch, please send $2.50 in a ziplock baggie marked with theirname inside their folder.oKids need a separate, healthy snack to eat mid-morning. Pleasedo not send in any peanut products.
  8. 8. Field Trips and Celebrations Field trips We go on 2 or 3 trips a year. The first is usually to fire station in October. Parents can sign up to be chaperones when the permission slips are sent home. Celebrations Halloween parade/party, winter holiday party, Valentine’s party, Ice Cream Social at end of year.
  9. 9. VolunteeringWe love our volunteers!Classroom volunteers will start in October. Eachclass will need two room parents. Please seePTA packet to volunteer.Lunchtime volunteers are needed right away.Recess is from 10:45-11:15. Lunch is 11:15 to11:45.There are schoolwide opportunities tovolunteer: in the media center, for the artteachers, and for the office.
  10. 10. Parent CommunicationConferences-2 (in November andFebruary)Report cards- 4 every 9 weeks, interimreports in between.Contact your teacher by phone:410-313-7142, by email (check out the PRESwebsite), or with a big note in the dailyfolder.
  11. 11. Book OrdersBook orders will be sent homeevery 4-6 weeks. If you plan onordering books, we would love tohave you order the first time. (Weget extra books for theclassroom.) All the orders arecollected online. More informationwill come home soon.
  12. 12. Curriculum Language ArtsWriting: kids will write daily using phonetic spelling thatwill slowly progress to complete spellingReading: balanced literacy approach, use phonemicawareness, phonics, sight words, reading workshop,computer, reading to others for fluency. Fast Startpages for working at home, send home books, bigbooks, reading groups.
  13. 13. Curriculum Math Math- Calendar group time for large group lessons, math tubs for individual practice/exploration of concepts. We use very few worksheets and prefer to have hands on lessons. We are using the new national curriculum, the Common Core Standards. You can find ways support your child at home by visiting the Howard County Public Schools website.
  14. 14. Specials The students will all attend specials as part of their school day. We will go to art one day, media one day, music one day, and PE two days a week (kids will need to wear sneakers). We will also be learning more about using computers in our technology class once a week. Specials schedules will go home the first week of school.
  15. 15. The EndWe are looking forward to getting to know you and your child in kindergarten this year!