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LKCE18 Thomas van der Burg - Visual Workmanagement at Sanofi - A Journey towards organizational effectiveness

Evolutionary change is one of the core principles of the Kanban method. Today, Sanofis central unit for the development and application of custom-built test methods and equipment for medical devices is using Kanban on higher Flight Levels in addition to local team optimization through Scrum. However, this is just one step in a continuous journey developing from a slow centralized managed organization to a highly flexible unit. By giving insights to his personal experiences as a department leader during the agile transition, Thomas is showing why the department took different steps and iterations explaining the development of their Portfolio Kanban. This process makes sure that the right teams are working on the most valuable product at the right time. It dramatically reduces the lead time of their services and thus supports that medical devices can be brought to market much earlier.

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LKCE18 Thomas van der Burg - Visual Workmanagement at Sanofi - A Journey towards organizational effectiveness

  1. 1. VISUAL WORKMANAGEMENT AT SANOFI A journey towards organizational effectiveness LEAN KANBAN CENTRAL EUROPE 2018 Thomas van der Burg Head of Global Device Development Lab
  2. 2. „A huge plan can cause huge trouble and frustration! LEARNING
  3. 3. „Talk to your Customers – even when it´s hard sometimes! LEARNING
  4. 4. „Me trying to control something that can not be controlled at all is limiting the cognitive capability of my department to one brain – Just mine! LEARNING
  5. 5. „Self-Organization requires boundaries that meet the needs of both: Leadership and Individuals of the Team! LEARNING
  6. 6. „Agile requires empowered Teams and evolutionary change! LEARNING evolutionary
  7. 7. „If You start changing, your environment needs to change with you! LEARNING
  8. 8. „An effective Organization requires coordination on higher Flight Levels and management of dependencies! LEARNING
  9. 9. SAGA
  10. 10. „Detail things in the latest possible moment and aim for Customer Value in everything you do! LEARNING
  11. 11. „Organize for value creation, not people utilization! LEARNING
  12. 12. https://empoôõøôõøpoôõøld-froôõøm-leanability/
  14. 14. Next 3 moôõønth Next 6 moôõønth Next 9 moôõønth Next 12 moôõønth HOWLIKELYISITTOFINISH? HOW MANY WORK CAN WE FINISH? 50% 85% 170 WP 360 WP 530 WP 710 WP
  15. 15. „Use Historical Data for evidence based Forecasting! LEARNING
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  18. 18. „Limit work on the highest level that is to your disposal to maximize (business) impact! LEARNING
  19. 19. „Manage value flow on every Level and make constraints, resistance and blockers transparent! LEARNING
  20. 20. „Retrospect and learn on all Levels! LEARNING
  21. 21. „Everyone in our organization shall understand his / her contribution to our customers satisfaction and patients wellbeing! LEARNING
  22. 22. THANK YOU!