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Costume, hair & make up 2

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Costume, hair & make up 2

  1. 1. Costume, Hair & Make-up
  2. 2. Kelly, Stacey & Chantelle Costume - Fake ‘Ralph Lauren’ polo shirts with black leggings, a hoodie and trainers. Stacey will look slightly different by wearing a different hoodie, accompanied by hooped earrings. Hair - Kelly - High pony tail tightly pulled together . Stacey – High pony tail but loose. Chantelle – Tightly pull together bun. Make-up – Heavily applied with Kelly wearing bright red lipstick. Why? - By dressing the characters in this way they are being expressed as typical ‘chavs’. They will all be wearing similar outfits to highlight the fact they are part of the same gang. Stacey will show her little originality and independence compared to the others by wearing slightly different clothing. Whereas by making Chantelle wearing an identical outfit to Kelly emphasises how much she thrives to be like Kelly and how much she copies and looks up to her. The red lipstick signifies danger and anger of the character. Responsibility - Isobel will supply the polo's and hoodies. The other actors will supply their own leggings, trainers and make-up.
  3. 3. Rosie & Kate Costume - Both will wear little dresses, Kate's will have pretty patterns, and flat shoes. They will have tiny stud earrings and delicate rings. To emphasize Kate being slightly less confident than Rosie, she will wear black tights and a black cardigan as she would not want to show off much skin. Hair - Rosie’s will be naturally straight and Kate's will be slightly wavy. Make-up - This will be very natural and plain. Why? - The dresses show their popularity and desire to follow trends as well as being sensible and not ‘slaggy’ or ‘chavy’. The flower prints and delicate jewellery will express their innocence. They are natural girls who are not interested in wearing much make-up or dressing up to the extreme to impress others, presented through the little effort they put into their hair and makeup. They are their own people and dress to please themselves, no one else. Responsibility - Lauren will be in charge of the dresses, shoes and makeup.
  4. 4. Tom Costume - Blue jeans, deep blue hoodie and trainers. Hair - Typical short dark hair, styled with gel. Make-up - No makeup will be needed as he is a male and his face will not be seen. Why? - The costume represents a typical popular boy who is liked by all the girls because of his good looks. The deep blue hoodie represents his bad boy persona.
  5. 5. Prop Ideas Props: • Party cups • Fake Blood • Mobile Phones • Drinks • Straws • Mirror • Lipstick Why? - The party cups and drinks will express to the audience that a party is occurring, making it easy for them to relate to the atmosphere, making it seem relaxed. The phones will be used to show photos being taken and texting. The use of the mirror is to present the 2 personalities Kelly holds; therefore highlighting her mental health issue. Fake blood will be applied to Rosie as she is aggressively being beaten up by Kelly. This will show the danger and pain Rosie is in. Responsibility - Everyone.