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Production schedule

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Production schedule

  1. 1. Production Schedule
  2. 2. Pre-Production Procedure Roles Responsible When it will be done by Location Recce Producer - Lauren 10th November Risk Assessment Producer - Lauren 10th November Location Permissions Producer - Lauren Production Schedule Producer - Lauren 12th November Call Sheets Producer - Lauren 13th November Location Ideas Director - Isobel 10th November Shot List Director/Camera Operator- Isobel and Danielle 12th November Casting Profiles Director - Isobel 13th November Costume and Props Director - Isobel 13th November Audio Clips + Permission Director - Isobel 14th November Storyboard Camera Operator - Danielle 10th November Test Camera shots Camera Operator - Danielle 13th November Animatic Whole Crew 14th November Title Trials Whole Crew 14th November Sample Techniques Whole Crew 14th November
  3. 3. Production Time Location Scene No.s/ Shot Description Actors Special Requirements 5.00 pm Isobel’s house – Bedroom Scene 2 – The gang of girls are having a conversation about why Kelly is extremely angry. It is her clear she has not taken her tablets. Danielle (Kelly) Isobel (Stacey) Molly (Chantelle) Tablets 5.30 pm Isobel’s house – Bathroom Scene 3 – Kelly is experiencing an extreme personality change due to not taking her tablets. She hears several voices in her head. Danielle (Kelly) Mirror & Voice overs 6.00 pm Isobel’s house – Living Room/Dining Room Scene 4 – Rosie is speaking to Kate whilst standing with Tom. Tom makes sharp exit as he spots Kelly storming down the stairs, followed by Stacey and Chantelle. Kelly asks to speak to Rosie outside. Danielle (Kelly) Isobel (Stacey) Molly (Chantelle) Keely (Rosie) Lauren (Kate) Sam (Tom) Cups & Drinks 6.30 Car Park Scene 1 – Rosie lies soullessly on the floor whilst Kelly is standing there in disbelief of what she has done, heavily breathing. Chantelle cries uncontrollably in the background. Keely (Rosie) Danielle (Kelly) Molly (Chantelle) Fake blood & Dirt 7.00 Car Park Scene 5 – Rosie and Kelly have a heated discussion. Kelly begins to hurt Rosie and becomes out of control, no one can stop her. Danielle (Kelly) Isobel (Stacey) Molly (Chantelle) Keely (Rosie) Fake blood & Dirt
  4. 4. Post-Production Procedure Roles Responsible When it will be done by Setting up project in Premiere Editor – Whole Crew 13th November Rough Cut Editor – Whole Crew 28th November Post Production blog posts Editor – Whole Crew 28th November Final Cut Editor – Whole Crew 12th December Throughout this schedule there are some changes which have been made due to the absence of actresses. The main character changes were, Stacey as Lauren Murray and Rosie being removed from the sequence. These changes were made due to the audience feedback given to our original sequence.