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Car Bedding

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Another cool theme for your kids!

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Car Bedding

  1. 1. Design a Race Car Bedroom to Suit your Boy’s Car Bedding Boys of all ages love cars. They never outgrow this fascination even when they grow up. This is why car-themed bedding for boys will never fade away even when your boys move into their teen years. Bedding, however, will not be enough to make your son’s room look and feel like a real race car bedroom. Here are some simple suggestions which you can consider in decorating your son’s racing retreat. Paint the walls and the ceiling with a light shade of any boy color that you think will match the race car bedroom theme. Light gray or light blue will go with any type of bedroom for boys. Make sure you take out the furniture and bedding first before applying the paint. You can use a neutral shade of brown or white for the window and door frames. You can also add murals to make your boy’s race car bedroom more realistic. Pick out a wall that you think will not be covered by big furniture and paint a big, gray swirling line that will serve as a road. Place straight short lines down the middle of the road and buildings, trees, and people on the sides. Take it further by gluing small Matchbox-sized toy cars to the road. Make sure you use a very sticky glue to prevent the toy cars from falling off later on. Don’t forget to decorate the windows to match your little boy’s car bedding. A good idea is to put up mini-blinds or wooden blinds instead of curtains because they look manlier than curtains. Place a black and white checkered fabric across the top of the blinds to serve as a valance. If you do not have wooden blinds, you can still opt to use curtains. Remember to use plain red curtains because the color often reminds us of race cars. Now, for the bed. If you are designing the room for a little boy less than seven years of age, you can opt to purchase a race car bed. They come in plastic, wood, and metal, and in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Just remember, the more realistic the bed looks, the more expensive it will be. A simple, full-sized bed will be just right for the older boys. Make sure the bedding will match the theme of the bedroom. You can also place throw pillows with stoplight colors on the bed. Other furniture suggestions which you can add to your son’s race car themed bedroom may include a wooden red bedside table, study table, or shelves. Don’t forget to add a matching red chair if you opt to include a study table. Place an unadorned black and white table lamp on the bedside table. The simplicity of the table lamp will accentuate the other accessories present in the bedroom while fitting in the overall design at the same time. Also, throw in a floor rug for good measure. Pick out one that will match your son’s car bedding. A black and white checkered rug or one with the colors red, green, and yellow will be perfect for your son’s race car bedroom.