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How to get the most out of your doctor's visits dr. potter

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A great deal is happening in lupus research. This presentation will update participants on recent research developments and their impact on those affected by lupus. This session will provide an overview of current lupus research and the prospects for the future of lupus treatments. Come and learn how to better manage your lupus and make knowledgeable decisions regarding your treatment plan.

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How to get the most out of your doctor's visits dr. potter

  1. 1. How to Get the Most out of Your Doctor Visits Jeffrey Potter, MD Clinical Assistant Professor University of Virginia Division of Rheumatology October 24, 2015
  2. 2. Disclosures  None
  3. 3. Introduction  Before Your Visit  During Your Visit  After Your Visit  Discussion
  4. 4. Before Your Visit
  5. 5. Before Your Visit  Appointment Times  Chart Preparation  Hospital Rounds  Private Practice vs University Clinic
  6. 6. Before Your Visit  Arrive on-time / early  Referral Status / Insurance Cards  Abbreviated Medical Records  Initial Visit
  7. 7. Before Your Visit  Current Medications / Changes  Dress Appropriately  Take Pictures!!!  Keep a list of questions / concerns  Visit Goals
  8. 8. During Your Visit
  9. 9. During Your Visit  History  “What brings you in today?”  Physical  “What does your lupus look like?”  Impression / Recommendations  “I think we should…and this is why”
  10. 10. During Your Visit  Describe symptoms chronologically  Problems with ADL’s  Sick contacts
  11. 11. During Your Visit  “Honesty is the best Policy”  Medication administration / affordability  Social History  “I don’t understand”  “What’s your impression?”
  12. 12. After Your Visit
  13. 13. After Your Visit  Documentation  Correspondence  Sharing of consult records with PCP  EMR email system  Lab / Imaging Results  Recognizing Office Staff  After Visit Summary
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