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Situated learning

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Situated learning

  1. 1. Situated Learning Ayşe Begüm Aydınol Özgür Gültekin TE 546
  2. 2. Guess? ? ? ? ? After the activity…
  3. 3. Traditional ways… Traditional learning activities involve abstract information Theories, written format, memorization… Traditional learning activities are in the classroom In the break time, learners can socialize… PUFF!
  4. 4. Situated Learning Social Collaboration and interaction Authentic Real life examples and experiences
  5. 5. Situated Learning Learning naturally occurs in a real life context. Learners become involved in a community of practice Experience within the context , and see the beliefs in a tangible way Naturally require intended skills and behaviors Natural Success
  6. 6. Situated Learning Legitimate: all parties accept the position of unqualified people as potential members of the community of practice Peripheral: learners firstly hang around on the edge of the important stuff, do the peripheral jobs , and gradually are assigned to more important ones
  7. 7. Situated Learning Participation: Learning by doing knowledge that they gain. Knowledge is situated within the practices of the community of practice, rather than something which exists in books
  8. 8. What affects/promotes learning? Activity + Context + Culture = Situation LEARNING
  9. 9. What is the role of ICT in Situated Learning? What do you think?
  10. 10. The role of ICT in Situated Learning Situated learning is learning in a context by actually doing in the existing culture. Sometimes, providing such a situation for tasks can be Expensive Time consuming Dangerous…
  11. 11. The role of ICT in Situated Learning Medical Science Chemistry Driving Cooking Sa f e experiments No waste of cadaver No accidents AID: GAMES AND SIMULATIONS
  12. 12. The role of ICT in Situated Learning Doctors, nurses, midwifes, scientists , cookers can be trained Experiments can be conducted… Learners start as a novice, gradually become an expert AID: GAMES AND SIMULATIONS
  13. 13. As a result… Learners can improve themselves in their professions with authentic tasks Learners can learn from their errors and the effects in return Learners can internalize the information rather than memorizing
  14. 14. References Game-Like Learning: An example of Situated Learning and Implications for Opportunity to Learn, James Paul Gee.
  15. 15. Thanks for listening :) Questions?