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6 | 3 Ways Online Learning Boosts Employee Engagement |
NO. 1
Building professional relationships
Trust, fair treatment, and recognition of contributions are pillars of professional relationships.
Providing access to online learning proactively demonstrates trust and fairness. And it enables recognition.
You trust employees to log in as needed without the oversight of a traditional instructor hovering nearby.
You demonstrate fairness because a quality tool is available to everyone. And you provide recognition
when you congratulate employees for course completions or training accomplishments.
In addition, effective online learning supports managers as well as employees who aspire to leadership
roles. It’s widely accepted that a top factor influencing employee engagement is an employee’s
relationship with their direct manager. Leading online training providers cover new manager skills,
team-based skills, and executive level topics.
supports positive risk taking.
maintains a level playing field.
of work reinforces the value of work.