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How to integrate the Tweet This feature on your website

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Here is our blog for Bliss No.5 and we are really tricking it out, aren't we? I am getting excited myself. I love this kind of stuff. Another kind of Twitter widget that people ask me a lot about how to add would be what's called a Tweet This button, and that means that your readers are on your site, usually on your blog-- it could be a regular site, but let's just call it a blog for now--and they are reading this wonderful article on hot chocolate, and they would like to tweet about it to their friends. I mean, of course if you're the blog writer and you write this article about hot chocolate, you would grab the link to hot chocolate and you would copy it, and then you would go to your Twitter account. You would log in.

You would paste, "I just wrote this wonderful article about hot chocolate," and then you'd include the links so that all your followers could follow the link and read the blog post. But the idea is, wouldn't it be nice if you could get your readers to do that work for you as well? They could automatically tweet about your article to their followers. Like for example, here's one site that uses it. I know that you have seen this all over the place. is a wonderful site for anybody doing social media. I recommended that you visit it daily. Great posts.

But look at the left of these stories here. They have a little button that would allow me to tweet the story, and they are showing that 1,772 people have already tweeted this story. If I click this button, I get a little pop-up. It knows that I am logged in as Bliss No.5, and it's saying here is the link. I can edit it. I can say this, "Great article," if I want to. It automatically grabs the title of the story, it makes a short version of the link, and it says where you found it.

Who is the link owner on this site? Of course, all of this I could delete if I wanted to. If I click Tweet, then I'm just sharing with my followers and now it says, hey, you know by the way, if you like these kind of posts so much that you're tweeting about them, why don't you follow me, and a nice little button here to follow. Then there is a link to Get a Tweet button for it right now. And there I have incremented it up a little bit. Let's take a look, by way, at my profile to see what that looks like. So, there I have posted that via @mashable.

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