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What is a PNL? Business Metrics for Learning Professionals

Discover what business metrics matter for learning professionals and which ones don't impact the bottom line.

Learn more about PNL, Business Metrics for Learning Professionals and other topics:

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What is a PNL? Business Metrics for Learning Professionals

  1. Koreen Pagano Director, Product Management, at LinkedIn Author of Immersive Learning @koreenpagano Tweet today’s session #SU310 #ATD2015 What’s a PNL? Business Metrics for Learning Professionals
  2. ROI Return on Investment $ Training $$$
  3. not BIG data
  4. Return on Investment What do you want in return? More money Less cost
  5. What’s a PNL?
  6. Cost Revenue Profitability
  7. Metrics that DON’T matter.
  8. Time in training. Courses completed. Passing scores. Number of attempts.
  9. What do you value? Fast. Cheap. Good.
  10. 80% common business success metrics. 20% snowflake metrics.
  11. Stakeholders. Employees. Customers.
  12. Fast. Cheap. Good.
  13. For each person... How do you measure success?
  14. Performance metrics. Not learning metrics.
  15. Learning metrics should match business metrics. Know what kind of snowflake you are. Speak the language of the business (metrics that matter).
  16. Thank you. @koreenpagano My book is available at the ATD Store or!