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Kelly day 3 10 am session v2

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Presentation given at INTERCOM 2012, Sydney on #museumchallenges, organisational change and other musings...

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Kelly day 3 10 am session v2

  1. 1. Thoughts from an angryold white womanDr Lynda KellyManager Online, Editing and Audience ResearchAustralian Museum, Sydney28 November 2012
  2. 2. The Facebook generation
  3. 3. Three spheres of operation OnlinePhysical Mobile
  4. 4. Digital in museums Title
  5. 5. “The use of the internet will inevitablychange museums. ... The change when itcomes, will not be merely technological butat it‟s core philosophical.”Elaine Heumann Gurian, 2010, p.95
  6. 6. TitleThe post-Google generation
  7. 7. A Title tweet
  8. 8. A Title threshold experience for who?
  9. 9. Benjamin Gilman Title „... an inordinate amount of physical effort is demanded of the ideal visitor by the present methods in which we offer most objects to his inspection. ... Indeed, we may even go further and claim that in some proportion of the objects put on public view in every museum the qualities for which they are shown are rendered wholly invisible by the way they are shown. They are so placed and in such lighting that it is a physical impossibility by any exertion of limb or eye to descry the particular characteristics to which they owe their selection for show.‟
  10. 10. TitleAn idea “Bridging the technology gap in museums will require more than just digital technology. It requires changes in the way we plan and prioritise projects.”
  11. 11. Agile development for museums Title Web-2U/Agile-development-for-museums
  12. 12. Agile development: why not? Title
  13. 13. TitleAnother tweet
  14. 14. “the lifeblood of the institution is the rate ofinformation exchange, not the footprints onthe marble” (Freedman, 2000)„not how many visits but how valuable wasthe visit?‟ (Pierroux, 2003)Acropolis  Agora (Proctor, 2010)
  15. 15. Title• Death slide
  16. 16. TitleAn idea “The television generation [demands] information presented in sharp, snappy, modern manner”
  17. 17. Mobile Title • “Visitors will come to the Museum with more technology in their pockets than is available in the entire museum” Appelbaum, 2008 • “What‟s the point of a museum website?” Koven J. Smith, 2011
  18. 18. Tablets Title “I have no doubt that the iPad will disrupt and change a lot of things” (David Hockney)
  19. 19. ‘Multi screening’ Title • Smartphones are our constant companion • PCs are for power computing • TV is a rich viewing experience • Tablets are engaging and versatile
  20. 20. Changing relationships Title “Mobile devices have become indispensible to peoples‟ lives and are driving massive changes in consumer behaviour” (Google May 2012) 81% of Australian Museum visitors have a smart device /91% of JLounge visitors The one app they can‟t live without?
  21. 21. 21C learners are mobile learners Title udience-Research-Blog/Categorising- visitors
  22. 22. The Internet of Things Title Horizons report 2013 and the “Internet of things”: b-2U/The-Internet-of-Things
  23. 23. The participatory museum Title “If you invite people to really participate in the making of a museum, the process must change the museum.” (Spock, 2009) “Participatory Culture is driven by the rise of ubiquitous access to information and media.” @rjstein „... challenge to create consistency‟ @shell7
  24. 24. TitleShared authority Citizen science Participation Professional collaboration
  25. 25. Sharing Title • Public vs. private: – then © 2000 “Do not distribute” – now © 2012 “Click here to share”
  26. 26. Organisational change Title “The people‟s museum should be more than a house full of specimens in glass cases. It should be a house full of ideas.” George Browne Goode, c. 1880
  27. 27. TitleAnother tweet
  28. 28. Our jobs Title Research-Blog/Museum-Studies-and-the-Nature-of- Museums-Today
  29. 29. “Social technologies make it possible tojoin groups online for shared work and play.... At this political juncture, the future ofgovernance in the digital age is not simplya descriptive enquiry but also a normativeopportunity to change theseinstitutions.”Noveck, 2009, p.xv-xvi
  30. 30. The power of social media in times Titleof disaster / political upheaval
  31. 31. 19th century skills Title • “They were inventors, tinkerers, researchers. They made locomotives, impressionism, periodic table…” @paulrbowers • survivors, self reliance, the ability to cope with unexpected situations, preparedness, good neighbour, host, and house guest (via Facebook) • Creative and barmy (think Heston
  32. 32. 21st century toolkit Title
  33. 33. SixTitle things directors could do ...tomorrow 1. E-publishing 2. Marketing 3. Seats, not structure 4. The digital museum 5. Data-driven decisions 6. A guerilla-in-residence
  34. 34. A final blog ... or two Title 19/vision-desire-attitude-and-focus/ hange/forum/topics/organisational- change-being-a-guerilla-in-residence
  35. 35. #museumchallenges Title • What six things are you going to do??
  36. 36. http://www/ Twitter: @lyndakelly61 / #museumchallenges Facebook: lynda.kelly