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Serverless Reality

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Talk from NDCOslo on Serverless Cloud patterns - includes AWS Lambda, Azure and GCP Functions

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Serverless Reality

  1. 1. Definitions Vendors Patterns Lessons 1 2 3 4
  2. 2. $9 Million vs. $ 500
  3. 3. “ ”
  4. 4. “Lambdas are Containerless” Amazon EC2 @AntonDelsink
  5. 5. Nano EC2VM
  6. 6. “ ”
  7. 7. Huge volume of activities Dynamic workloads Scheduled tasks or jobs • run web requests, queue messages, transactions • Isolate and scale tasks • run something infrequently, i.e. once a day or month • avoid paying for server(s) 24/7/365 • run a certain piece of code on a schedule
  8. 8. Lambda function 1 Lambda function 2 Lambda function 3 buckets with objects DynamoDB API Gateway Users
  9. 9. Compute AND File Storage are commodities on Azure, AWS & GCP
  10. 10. AWS
  11. 11. “My” Programming Language ? Debugging? Unit testing? Integration testing? Orchestration? Deployment?
  12. 12. Reduce Attack Surface Test external connections Minimal permissions Granular policies Unique credentials
  13. 13. Azure Functions • Logic Apps • No Code • Generates JSON Orchestration
  14. 14. ServiceType Servers (or Containers) Serverless Compute EC2 Lambda Files File Servers on EC2 S3 SQL on Relational Data RDBMS on EC2 or RDS Aurora Data Pipeline Kafka cluster on EC2 Kinesis Machine Learning EMR with Spark ML or Hadoop on EC2 Machine Learning API IoT MQTT Message Broker RabbitMQ on EC2 IoT Broker NoSQL MongoDB on EC2 DynamoDB