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Send 2-phone text message marketing

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Text message marketing is mobile first strategy that delivers results. In this presentation we share actual campaign examples and successful strategies for driving customer engagement via mobile devices.

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Send 2-phone text message marketing

  1. 1. Text Message Marketing Enhance Customer Engagement with Two-Way Text Marketing! View or download our presentation.
  2. 2. Why it works 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery! ! 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7! ! 50% of adults surveyed have received text messages from retailers and made a purchase as a result! ! There are more mobile devices than TVs and computers combined ! Source
  3. 3. How it works Text a keyword like “apollo” to a short code like “95577" we provide, Try it! ! Include your product keyword in advertising, point-of- purchase materials, marketing materials! ! Opt-in customers for special offers, links to app downloads, mobile content and text updates! ! Drive traffic, capture survey data, mobile and email opt-ins, contest entries
  4. 4. How we create campaigns Consultation on mobile strategy, advertising copy, text message flow for maximum results! ! Support and training for text message content management system analytics! ! Extend text campaign with social and web opt-ins! ! Create and link branded mobile content to each message! ! Full analytics, campaign reporting and recommendations!
  5. 5. More Platform Features Enhance customer engagement with polls, trivia and voting! ! Integrated Email, zip code and consumer data capture! ! Automated age check feature for sweepstakes! ! Facebook widget for mobile messaging opt-in! ! Mobile Coupon Delivery! ! QR Code scan opt-in options!
  6. 6. Mountain Dew Labs ! • Consumers Vote Nationwide for the next Mountain Dew flavor via text • Consumers entered to win years supply and new flavor launch party • Consumers sample 7 new flavors and text the number of their favorite to mobile short code • Consumers reply to text with flavor comments. 38% responded with comments about flavors • System captures all comments Facebook Twitter Integration
  7. 7. SMS & Mobile Web • Leverage text messaging to collect email addresses for inclusion in BookTV database and weekly email alert. • Opt-in campaign mobile users able to reply with email address and zip-code • Mobile and e-mail list building program promoted with a text 2 win program. • Cross promoted on C-SPAN 2 book TV and publisher trade shows. • Mobile website includes zip code and e-mail data capture with link to custom QR code. • Mobile site adapts to 5000+ mobile configurations including tablets and standard browsers.
  8. 8. NEW YORKERS FOR BEVERAGE CHOICES • New Yorkers for Beverage Choices is a grass roots organization challenging Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban of beverages larger than 16 oz • Social Media critical to bring awareness and action for New Yorkers to sign the petition and create a viral word of mouth campaign • Mobile Website with data capture • Spanish language mobile site version • TV • Radio • Printed OOH Materials • T-Shirts, Bottle Hangers, Clings
  9. 9. • Pepsi NFL Max Access Superbowl Promotion • 150,000 Plus Lanyards distributed • Consumers text Max to 99702 for Superbowl week event updates and clues where to be spotted wearing lanyard • Pepsi Max Mobile Site with contest and event info • Thousands of consumers used clues to be spotted in lanyards to win Text Max to 99702
  10. 10. Erie Insurance Lead Generation • Fully integrated localized text trivia with integrated sweepstakes and data capture • Increase Erie awareness with a localized text trivia contest and mobile website linked to each message • Mobile website includes data capture and lead generation • Dynamic SMS keywords allow the program to be localized in priority markets • Cross promoted at events and movie pre-rolls
  11. 11. • Consumers text COLD for latest local promotion information for Coors light • Consumers can also find and share Coors Light promotions via Facebook and send promo information directly to their phones • Share and like buttons on Facebook expand the branded viral nature of campaign • Database of promotions, entered once shared in many places • Consumers with smart phones can access the mobile website directly via the branded QR code Coors Cold Scan Me! or Text COLD to 99702 Std message and data rates may apply. Go to to download Need a QR code reader? a free reader for your smartphone
  12. 12. BCLC Cool Tunes • British Columbia Lottery Commission Canada • Executed campaign promoted at music festivals in British Columbia • Program designed to promote the Cool Tunes instant win game • The first Text 2 win first program BCLC executed • Consulted on strategy, messaging copy, creative • Provided full reporting consumer data capture and age verification • Random winner selection on Send-2-Phone platform
  13. 13. Macy’s Spin City • Consumers Text-2-Win a custom Martone Bicycle compliments of Macy's & Maison Jules • Store specific keywords were developed, featured in local ads and in-store POS • Random winners were selected by store and congratulations messages shared with all winners • Promotion was shared across social media outlets and incorporated into Maison Jules in-store displays
  14. 14. Brooklyn Brewery ! • Beer drinkers text BrooklynVacation to 95577 to win a Brooklyn Vacation Weekend • Fans can opt-in for future communication including events, tours, promotions new product alerts, • Promoted on postcard coasters, table tents and posters • Entry communication includes links to product and rules mobile site. • We handle all winner selection, affidavits, contest rules and winner communication
  15. 15. Mobile Consultation Thanks for taking a look. You’ve only seen a small portion of our work and what we can do for clients and agency partners. Contact ApolloBravo for a free mobile marketing consultation!! What your customers take with them.........! ! ! !