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Ap action plan

Sample Action Plan for Araling Panlipunan Department

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Ap action plan

  1. 1. 1 KABACAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Kabacan, Cotabato ARALING PANLIPUNAN DEPARTMENT SY 2018-2019 ACTION PLAN Project: Objective/s: Resources Needed: Person/s Involved: Time: Activities: Expected Output/s: Amount Needed: Source of Fund: Remark/s: 1. Brigada Eskwela To facilitate in the opening of classes. *Attendance Sheet *Communication Letters *KNHS Teachers *KNHS Administration *PTA *Students *Community May 2018 *Repair *Cleaning *Repainting *Room Structuring *Attendance *Pictures *Letters P 500.00 AP Department Savings 2. School-based Learning Action Cell (SLAC) To update teachers with the latest policies of the department. To encourage participative planning. To appreciate teaching methodologies used by the teachers. *School supplies *Resource Speakers *Memorandums *Book References *AP Teachers Every Last Friday of the Month *Meetings *Lectures *Planning *Letters *Programs *Attendance *Minutes *Pictures P 2,000.00 (P200/Month ) MOOE 3. Special Day Celebration *Independence Day *National Heroes Day *Araling Panlipunan Day To commemorate special days and its importance. Recognize the contributions of Philippine heroes. *School supplies *Memorandums *Programs *KNHS Administration *AP Teachers *KNHS Students As sched uled on School Calend ar *Short Programs *Integration on Daily Lesson *Meetings *Program *Daily Lesson Log Pictures P 3, 000.00 MOOE, PTA, AP Department Savings 4. Maintenance of AP Parks (KABAYANI, Peace Park, & Landmark) To manage, develope/enhance, and maintain the beautification of AP adopted areas. *Paints *Potted Plants *Gardening Tools KABAYANI Park (________) Peace Park (_________) As needed *Cleaning and maintenance *Certificates *Designation s *Letters *Pictures P 3, 000.00 (P 1000/Park) MOOE
  2. 2. 2 LandMark (___________) *Narrative Reports 5. Income Generating Projects (Raffle Ticket) To augment the fund of the department. *School Supplies *Coronation Paraphernalia *AP Department *Students *KNHS Administration Octobe r 2018 *Raffle Tickets *Search for Mr. and Ms. UN *Program *Letters *Financial Reports *Pictures *Certificates *List of Committees - AP Department Savings 6. Participations to Contest (Population Quiz, ASEAN Quiz, DTI, GAD) To showcase and enhance students competitiveness through academic competition. To bring honor to the school. *Memorandum *Review Materials *AP Teachers (Coach) *Students As needed *Review *Designating of Coaches *Letter of Designation *Pictures *Trophy, medals *Narrative Reports P 2, 000.00 MOOE 7. UNESCO Election of Officers To support and strengthen election in order to observe and organize event during United Nations and other related activities. *Letter *AP Teachers *Students Septe mber 2018 *Classroom Election *School-wide Election *Letters *List of UNESCO Officers *Picture P 200.00 AP Department Local Fund 8. Kasagisagan Festival (Municipal Level & Division Level) To expose students in academics and other literary contest and bring the honor to represent the municipality for the division level competition. Promote appreciation and respect of cultural diversity among students. *Memorandum *Letter of designation for coaches *Materials neededfor every contested area *AP Teachers *Students *PTA *KNHS Administration *LGU *SAGAP – Kabacan Chapter Octobe r 2018 and Novem ber 2018 *Review *Practice *Making of Props *Meetings *Letter of recommendat ion for coaches *Parents’ Consent *Travel Order *Medals, Trophy *Pictures, Videos *Narrative Reports P 30, 000.00 (P14, 000.00 – Municipal Level and P 16, 000.00 for Division Level MOOE, PTA, IGP Proceeds 9. United Nations Celebration (School Level) To celebrate United Nations Day through school activities in relation to the thrust of the organization. *School Supplies *Coronation Paraphernalia *AP Teachers *Students *KNHS Administration *Parents Octobe r 03, 2018 *Meetings for the planning of activities *Program *Letters *Certificates *Pictures, Videos P 3, 000.00 IGP Proceeds
  3. 3. 3 *Conduct of approved activities *Narrative Reports 10. RPMS (Mid- Term Review) To evaluate or assess the RPMS of AP Teachers. *Memorandum *School supplies *AP Teacher *education Specialist in AP Last week of Octobe r 2018 *Training/Se minar *Meeting *RPMS output/teach er *Pictures P 500.00 MOOE 11. Action Research In- House Review To create action research for each student. *School Supplies *Resource Speakers *LCD Projector *AP Teacher *School Administration Last week of Octobe r 2018 *Conduct Training and seminars *Presentation of Proposal *AC Proposal *Certificates *Pictures P 1, 000.00 MOOE 12. Seminars and Trainings To upgrade teachers’ skills and knowledge *Memorandum *Travelling essentials *AP Teachers *AP Students As needed or require d *Attend seminars and trainings *Re-echo of seminars and trainings *Certificates *Letters *Travel Orders *Pictures, Videos *Narrative Reports P 5, 000.00 MOOE, PTA 13. DLL Collection To update, make corrections if necessary, suggest methodologies, and further improve teachers’ teaching strategies andimprove students’ performance. *School Supplies *Computer printer *AP Teachers *Subject Specialist in AP As require d *Writing and submission of DLL *Critiquing of DLL *Approved DLL _ _ 14. Class Records, Periodical TEST, TOS, MPS, Test Banks, etc Collection To keepaccurate records of students that can help to identify gaps in students learning, and save time while performing duties. To ease teachers burden during inspections and assessments. *School Supplies *Computer Printer *AP Teachers As require d *Orientations *Submission of Reports *Approved/C hecked Class Records, Periodical TEST, TOS, MPS, Test Banks, etc. _ _ 15. RPMS Review and Submission To provide an opportunity for teachers to address progress on *School Supplies *AP Teachers *Subject Specialist March 2019 *Colloquium * Compilation Approved RPMS P 1,000.00 MOOE
  4. 4. 4 their performance expectations and job responsibilities analytically. To assess teacher’s performance and progress. *Pictures 16. Clearance To establish and maintain procedures in the department and within the school. To gather necessary year-endreports, hit accountability, and maintain accurate records of the teacher. *School Supplies *Medical Records *Narrative Reports *AP Teachers First week of April 2019 *Signing of Clearance *Accomplishe d Teachers’ Clearance _ _ 17. Team Building To give teachers fun but more importantly to teach them skills needed in effectively working in a teamwork environment. To develop teachers camaraderie/teamwork. *Communication Letter *AP Teachers April 2019/ May 2019 *Meeting *Letters *Pictures, Videos P 15, 000.00 AP Department Savings, Personal Expenses TOTAL P 66, 200.00 JOSEPH A. MAAS Subject Coordinator Noted by: Approved by: ELOISA R. AGNI RENE Q. PACOLOR Head Teacher – I Principal - 1

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Sample Action Plan for Araling Panlipunan Department


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