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Perfect Barbecue

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If you like good Barbecue this E-Book is a really "Must-Have" :

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Perfect Barbecue

  1. 1. ==== ====All the secrets of a perfect BBQ you will find in this E-Cook Book : ====Most people tend to think of a barbecue smoker as being exclusively for meats, fish and poultry.Actually, there is hardly any limit to the types of things that can be prepared in a smoker. Fruits,vegetables cheeses, desserts and even pizza can take on incredible flavors when cooked properlyin a smoker.This article focuses on one of my favorites; the barbecue pizza. There are tons of ways you can dothis, but Ill give you a few of my favorites which are guaranteed to please any crowd. Thebarbecue pizza works best when your smoker temperature is around 275-300 degrees. Manysmokers have a difficult time getting and maintaining a temperature much higher than this anyway,so just do the best you can to get yours good and hot. You will need the following for one pizza:One already prepared and baked pizza crust. These are available at any grocery store and usuallycome two to a package. Boboli makes a pretty good one.A bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce.About a cup of cooked chicken that has been chopped into small pieces. The ideal chicken to usewould be some that you already prepared in your smoker. Maybe it was leftover from last nightsbarbecue. Leftover pulled pork works well too.About half a can of pineapple chunksThinly sliced red onion (as much or as little as you like)Two cups of grated mozzarella cheeseAssemble this just as you would any other oven baked pizza. Spread barbecue sauce over thecrust, add your cheese and other toppings and slide it into the smoker right on top of the grates.This will produce a crispier crust, or if you prefer a softer crust you can place the pizza on a cookiesheet. Since everything is already cooked, all you are really doing here is browning the crust a bit,melting the cheese, warming the other ingredients, and incorporating a nice smoky flavor in yourpizza.This is just one idea. The sky is the limit with pizza so use your imagination. The recipe aboveworks great with shrimp or salmon instead of chicken or pulled pork. How about a dessert pizza?Take the same prepared crust and spread it with a thin layer of softened and sweetened creamcheese. Top that with small pieces of fruit like fresh chopped pineapple, sprinkle a little cinnamonand sugar on top, and youve got yourself a hot dessert with a subtle smokiness that is fantastic!Pizza is just one of the many things you can do with a barbecue smoker. For more information on
  2. 2. my barbecue secrets, products, tips and tricks, visit me at http://www.secretsofbbq.blogspot.comArticle Source: ====All the secrets of a perfect BBQ you will find in this E-Cook Book : ====