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7 of Greece's Best Travel Spots

Take a look at 7 of the most amazing destinations you can travel to in Greece!

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7 of Greece's Best Travel Spots

  1. 1. 7 of Greece’s Best Travel Spots Mack Prioleau
  2. 2. Athens The capital of Greece and many say the birthplace of Western civilization, Athens is a historical and cultural destination. Visitors can tour the amazing historic sites like the Acropolis and then soak in contemporary Greek life with the city’s exciting restaurant and nightclub scene. In the evening, the ancient ruins of the Parthenon are lit up and glow against the city’s skyline.
  3. 3. Santorini When visitors picture Greece, they often imagine white-washed houses built into gorgeous coastal cliffs. Santorini is all that and more. The beautiful coastal villages nestled into stunning cliffs take visitors’ breath away with their incredible sea views. The natural beauty of this island and its villages are truly astounding. Visitors can expect to see some of the best sunsets of their lives.
  4. 4. Mykonos If visitors are looking for some urban contemporary Greek life and entertainment, Mykonos is the island for them. The island is famous for its party atmosphere and incredible beach parties, featuring large dance club venues with some of the world’s best DJs, with visitors and locals lftestaying out well past dawn and dancing guarantees Mykonos the nickname: “the Greek isle that never sleeps.”
  5. 5. Corfu Fans of British television may recognize Corfu’s island from a popular series depicting a British family’s relocation from London to Corfu during the 1930s. The island was never controlled by the Ottoman Empire but was instead under the British, Venetians, and French rule. These European powers’ influence is seen in Venetian fortresses and the grand palaces’ stunning island architecture. The beautiful architecture and multicultural history of Corfu make it a must-visit.
  6. 6. Skyros Skyros is an ideal choice for visitors looking for a truly authentic Greek experience. The island is not as touristy as other regions, and travelers can get lost in a classic old Greece postcard and wander its craggy coastlines, picturesque villages and beaches, and majestic pine forests. The island even has wild horses!
  7. 7. Mt. Olympus A list of Greek travel destinations would feel incomplete without a mention of Mt. Olympus. The highest mountain in Greece, it was known as the home of the Greek god Zeus. Visitors can travel to Greek’s national park dedicated to Mt. Olympus and hike around the trails.
  8. 8. Skopelos Mamma Mia! This island is stunning. It’s no wonder it was chosen as the filming location for the hit film and musical, Mamma Mia! Give this beautiful island a visit – its crystal clear waters and quaint Greek villages will have visitors feeling all the Hollywood glamour.
  9. 9. Thank you! Mack Prioleau