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How Tech Has Changed Travel

How advancements in travel are changing the way that we travel.

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How Tech Has Changed Travel

  1. 1. How Tech Has Changed Travel Mack Prioleau
  2. 2. INTRO Our world is a beautiful place to travel around. Thanks to technology, we can move around the nooks and crannies of our little sphere without issue.Here are a few ways technology has drastically changed travel:
  3. 3. Social media platforms have changed our lives on an everyday level, and the influence that our mobile devices have on travel is prominent. For example, a famous surfer might post an incredible surf shot of them surfing a beautiful location in their home town, and 5 million people see the clip. Videos shared on social media artificially introduce people to places at a rate that is much faster than just regular television. SOCIAL MEDIA
  4. 4. Artificial intelligence like GPS and navigation systems allow users to navigate to more remote places while maintaining the ability to know where they are. Plus, artificial intelligence is used by search engines like Google to influence consumers. Google takes all of your interests and presents you with products, advertisements, and ideas that it thinks you will like. Whether you like it or not, we are all influenced by artificial intelligence, and AI has drastically changed travel. Even airplanes have complex and intelligent GPS systems that fly themselves. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  5. 5. LANGUAGE BARRIERS BROKEN Translating technology has made it insanely easy to communicate with each other on a global level. That allows people to move freely and take care of themselves without a translator’s added cost for performing simple tasks. It has never been easier for a beginner to ask for a loaf of bread in Chinese or Mandarin compared to back in the day when miscommunication caused lots of traveling errors.
  6. 6. PAY ELECTRONICALLY ACROSS THE GLOBE Although paying electronically still won't help you in many places, the opportunity to pay with a credit card is increasing massively in today's world market. Even currency moves toward more global levels with technology like bitcoin that allows users to own virtual money.
  7. 7. Berou Solutions, Inc. | 2020 SMART PHONES ALLOW US TO DO IT ALL These huge factors like social media, language barriers, electronic payments, artificial intelligence, and more that have changed travel as we know it are all facilitated through our smartphones.