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Mapping the Workplace Genome

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WorkXO is a workplace culture management firm specializing in using culture analytics to solve business problems.

We help forward thinking leaders in growth-oriented organizations activate their culture to increase engagement, attract the right talent and unleash organizational potential. The core of our work starts here... with the Workplace Genome. Find out how to get yours at

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Mapping the Workplace Genome

  1. 1. Workplace Genome
  2. 2. Workplace culture is increasingly important - for c-suites, leadership teams, HR organizations - AND the Human Beings who experience it. THE DEAL WITH CULTURE…
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM IS… ‣ No effective (or consistent) way of measuring and understanding company culture. ‣ No proven methodology for doing something productive and meaningful with the metrics. ‣ Employers spend $1B a year on Employee Engagement Surveys. Yet, 40% of HR Leaders say they “rarely, if ever, do anything meaningful” with the results of their traditional employee surveys. ‣ Employee Engagement scores have all but stagnated over the last decade; and in 2016, they actually decreased globally.
  4. 4. HOW WE SOLVE IT… WorkXO is a Culture Management Firm that uses our groundbreaking model - the Workplace Genome™ - to measure workplace culture, our powerful software to analyze it, and our proven system to activate it.
  5. 5. UNIQUE WORKPLACE GENOME — Measure and map your culture at the root level via digital survey and analytics platform Get powerful data on your culture's evolution, organizational sub-cultures, employee-experience, success-drivers and obstacles CULTURE PRIORITIES — Uncover and understand the culture dynamics that are driving and hindering success Identify priorities for your organization CULTURE PLAYBOOK — Create action plan and commit Implement, deliver, and instill accountability MEASURE ANALYZE ACTIVATE WORKXO WORKPLACE GENOME™ ACTIVATION PROGRAM A 3 Step Solution
  6. 6. Through a 15 minute digital survey, we measures and analyze – at the root level – how you work. Imagine getting the genetic code to your workplace so that you can drive results in a more focused way. That’s what we give you.
  7. 7. We give our clients access to their digital reporting platform, dashboard, and tools within 24 hours of closing their survey! Each of the 8 Culture Markers are broken into 8 individual Building Blocks; and each tells a story about how your people experience work. This is where you start to see patterns—and even contradictions— inside your culture. ANALYZE
  8. 8. Get nuanced insights on how key demographics are distinctly experiencing your workplace; and uncover the intricacies of the sub- cultures within it. There’s SO MUCH we could be doing, but we cannot be all things to all people. We help you triage by identifying those things which are most important to driving your success. And then we help you get down to business with them. ANALYZE
  9. 9. The Platform includes analytical tools with which you can make targeted comparisons – on the fly - by pretty much any segment, section, or cross-section of your organization. We measure the effectiveness of your Workplace Genome; through the Employee Net Promoter Score, we establish a benchmark for how your employees really feel about how you really work. ANALYZE
  10. 10. Mapping your Workplace Genome is a good start. But there is no ROI without action. The Workplace Genome Activation Program moves you and your team to results. With coaching, access to our proven methodology - resources, templates, plans - and live support to ensure you take meaningful action based on your Genome. • DECODE Establish project stewardship, and brief relevant groups on the Workplace Genome results. Then dig into the data, analyze success drivers, and run the Culture Priorities Workshop, leading to carefully constructed set of PRIORITIES. • UPGRADE Develop and prioritize a PLAYBOOK to start moving the needle. Your team will finish knowing exactly what to do next. ACTIVATE
  11. 11. ROI: Convincing Correlation between Culture and Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS) *Based on more than 3,500 unique respondents to WXO’s Workplace Genome Organizations with workplace cultures that have evolved to a 6.5 or higher have – on average - an eNPS that is more than 50 times (!) higher than those with cultures that are less evolved. ACTIVATE
  12. 12. Just some of the great clients we’re working with…
  13. 13. Measure + Understand + Activate Workplace Culture — Differentiate – Brand & Experience — Reinforce & Clarify Success Drivers while Solving Real Business Challenges Attract the Right Talent, Heighten Employee Engagement — Optimize Performance, Reduce Unwanted Turnover — Unleash Human Potential
  14. 14. Get started today Contact us about discovering your Workplace Genome, in order to measure, analyze, and activate your organization’s culture. (888) 964-1564 @WorkXO