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Twitter... what's all the fuss about?

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Twitter... what's all the fuss about?

  1. Twitter... what's all the fuss about?
  2. A snapshot of what it is, where it came from, how to use it... and what's next
  3. 6 million unique visitors Year 900% 1 million unique visitors Jan 08 Mar 08 May 08 Jul 08 Sep 08 Nov 08 Jan 09 Source:
  4. Rank UV Monthly Visits Previous Rank 1. 68,557,534 1,191,373,339 2 2. 58,555,800 810,153,536 1 3. 5,979,052 54,218,536 22 4. 7,979,052 43,389,974 10 5. 11,274,190 42,744,438 9 Source:
  5. 2006 Photos by Jack Dorsey & Sagolla
  6. Followers Following Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet malbonster malbonster
  7. @ username + message Directs a Tweet at another person
  8. @allisonyochim Drunk dude face planting into the subway door just made my night allisonyochim IanDarling
  9. D username + message Sends someone a private message
  10. D paulcarvill I *know* orange Smarties do actually taste of orange. But I swear the others taste better when segregated paulcarvill jemimakiss
  11. Tweet A message of 140 characters or less
  12. Twitter username Favourite this tweet 140 character limit guardiantechMonty Python DVD sales soar thanks to You- Tube clips 34 minutes ago from Tweetdeck App Avatar Reply to tweet Timestamp
  13. (RT) Re-Tweeting Repeating someone else’s tweet to amplify its effect To give them credit use RT@’username’
  14. #Skittles has changed its entire homepage to a Twitter search - brave! #skittles #Skittles has changed its entire homepage to onster ’s fol a Twitter search - brave! lb l #skittles a m ow e RT @mashable rs #Skittles has changed its entire homepage to a Twitter search - brave!... m a RT mashable #Skittles has changed its sh entire... ab le’s follower juxtapozed RT@mashable ju #Skittles has changed s its entire homepage to malbonster xt a Twitter search - brave!... ap ozed’s follo #Skittles has changed its entire homepage to a Twitter search - w er s brave! RT @mashable #Skittles has changed its entire #skittles homepage to a Twitter... mashable
  15. Search Human powered search
  16. # Hashtags Helps you filter all discussion relevant to a specific event
  17. c.5 million tweets a day #W at c Seeing Watchmen sneak preview today! hm Awesome! en Watchmen Watchmen #Mich Twestival # ae lJ Michael Jackson Chicago #Twestival Pics from @martinjon ac kso #Twestival n Michael Jackson CNN reports Michael Jackson announcing a #Twestival raised comeback nearly $6,000 in LA alone, almost $250,000 worldwide
  18. #twestival There was a #Twestival recently - I couldn't attend but a few #Adelaide Tweeps met We've had #twestival, for coffee and chin-wag now we have tweet-a- thon: Chicago #Twestival Pics from @martinjon pics Thanks @exposureleeds for donating $41 to #twestival from sales of #Twestival raised tickets nearly $6,000 in LA alone, almost $250,000 worldwide
  19. 5 things you need to remember
  20. Provide some bio info, an avatar and customise your page and location
  21. Use shortened URLs
  22. Tweet Tweet Give and take
  23. DON’T by freezelight
  24. by ram.
  25. ing s ow nd ie ll o Fr F News Wor k ies n You a Comp Fa mily TweetDeck Apps like this make it easy to manage groups & search
  26. ign/Creative Comme m pa rce Ca #skittles versation Currency Con
  27. Mad Men
  28. towerbridge: I am opening for the Yacht Aviva, which is passing upstream. Objects tweeting Tower Bridge
  29. MarsPhoenix What's up on Mars? An analysis of the atmosphere has interesting implications! Briefing at 2pm ET on Objects tweeting Nasa Mars Rover (Planets not to scale)
  30. Kickbee When a kick is detected, a Twitter message is posted via the Twitter API Corey Menscher ©2008
  31. twitchhiker On 1st March, I’ll attempt to travel as far around the world as possible in 30 days, relying only on the goodwill of people using Twitter
  32. Twaiku Twaiku are mostly meant to tell a story or to get a message across – different from the more descriptive, elegaic tone and purpose of traditional haiku.
  33. #mumbai Oberio hotel new blast just reported. Rescue forces inside hotel. #mumbai >50 people rescued from Taj Hotel #mumbai Attack photo stream http://flickr. com/photos/vinu/ #mumbai 87 reported dead 200 injured. mumbaiattack : Hospital update. Shots still being fired. Also Metro cinema next door Citizen news During the #Mumbai terrorist attacks there were 80 tweets every 5 seconds
  34. The future
  35. Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet by GustavoG
  37. Credits @madebymany @bbhlabs United States UK