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CGAP 2015 Photo Contest Entries (1)

  1. Title: Guava Cultivation Photographer: Mohammad Saiful Islam
  2. 10th Annual CGAP Photo Contest Over the past decade, the annual CGAP Photo Contest has documented the remarkable ways that access to formal financial services can improve poor people's day-to-day activities. During this time much has changed. New innovations, such as digital financial services, offer great promise for better serving poor customers. Now in its 10th year, the annual CGAP Photo Contest aims to demonstrate the ways financial inclusion can help poor people transition out of poverty and lead more financially secure lives. (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor)
  3. Title: SHOE MAKER Photographer: CHINMOY BISWAS
  4. Title: Fishing nets Photographer: HIEU LIEM DO
  5. Title: Dấu lặng Photographer: Thang Nguyen Duc
  6. Title: The Weaver 2 Photographer: Nirmalya Bhattacharya
  7. Title: Fisherman's Daughter Photographer: Vadym Kulykov
  8. Title: Teaching Orphan is fun
  9. Title: Return Home Photographer: Amlan Das
  10. Title: Drum Maker Photographer: MAHFUZUL HASAN Bhuiyan
  11. Title: Colouring Plant Photographer: Rabin Chakrabarti
  12. Title: crossing creeks from the herd Photographer: Bulent Suberk
  13. Title: Family Photographer: Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury
  14. Title: The Shepherd Photographer: ABHIJIT BANERJEE
  15. Title: Papu Photographer: Papu Banerjee
  16. Title: Fishing Photographer: Md Rafayat Haque Khan
  17. Title: Happy Face Photographer: Sohel Hasnain
  18. Title: aloe soap for sanitation and income Photographer: TAMIRU LEGESSE OBOLE
  19. Title: Stone Miner Photographer: Munimuzzaman Khan
  20. Title: Personificat ion Photographer: Jaya Rakshit
  21. Title: Food vendor in train Photographer: Mohd Nazri Sulaiman
  22. Title: Book Shop Photographer: MAHFUZUL HASAN Bhuiyan
  23. Title: engy samy Photographer: engy samy
  24. Title: ironmaster Photographer: Bulent Suberk
  25. Title: jeffry surja Photographer: Jeffry Surja
  26. Title: Horse rider Photographer: Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharjee
  27. Title: Red & Hot Photographer: MAHFUZUL HASAN Bhuiyan
  28. Title: Plows in the fields Photographer: Febri Kristiawan
  29. Title: shepherd and herd of Photographer: Bulent Suberk
  30. Title: Empowering Casamance's Female Farmers Photographer: Daniella Van Leggelo-Padilla
  31. Title: Selling colors Photographer: Aman Arora
  32. Title: lands woman Photographer: Bulent Suberk
  33. Title: Parampara Photographer: SATYAJIT SAHA
  34. Title: Another day start Photographer: ABHIJIT BANERJEE
  35. Title: Street barbershop Photographer: Tatiana Sharapova
  36. Title: shipbuilding Photographer: Kenny Sie
  37. Title: Man in Red Hat Photographer: Daniel Wong
  38. Title: Happy cultivation Photographer: Pranab Basak
  39. Title: work of farmers Photographer: tuy tran van
  40. Title: Load of Living.. Photographer: Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury
  41. Title: The swing machine Photographer: Joydeep Mukherjee
  42. Title: The tannery industry Photographer: S H M Mushfiqul Alam
  43. Title: Woman Crafting Clothing for Merchandise Photographer: Logan Dickerson
  44. Title: Architectura l coatings screen Photographer: Dung Kieu Anh
  45. Title: Packing of sea fish Photographer: SIRSENDU GAYEN
  46. Title: HAND RICKSHAW PULLER Photographer: Jayanta Roy
  47. Title: itinerant flower vendors Photographer: Erwinanto Setiahardja
  48. Title: Harvest Cucumbers Photographer: Dede Sudiana
  49. Title: Folk Singer Photographer: Towhidul Islam Tarek
  50. Title: recycle Photographer: Sai Ho Lee 23-SEPTIEMBRE-2015 END