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  1. Layered File System
  2. A Typical File Control Block
  3. In-Memory File System Structures
  4. Schematic View of Virtual File System
  5. Contiguous Allocation of Disk Space
  6. Linked Allocation
  7. File-Allocation Table
  8. Example of Indexed Allocation
  9. Indexed Allocation – Mapping (Cont.)  outer-index index table file
  10. Combined Scheme: UNIX (4K bytes per block)
  11. Linked Free Space List on Disk
  12. Various Disk-Caching Locations
  13. I/O Without a Unified Buffer Cache
  14. I/O Using a Unified Buffer Cache
  15. Three Independent File Systems
  16. Mounting in NFS Mounts Cascading mounts
  17. Schematic View of NFS Architecture