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Mahmood Qasim's Slides on Success Principles

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Mahmood Qasim's Slides on Success Principles

  1. 1. In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful
  2. 2. How To Get From Where We Are To Where We Want To Be?
  3. 3. We Must Take 100% Responsibility of Our Lives. We Have to Give Up All Our Excuses.
  4. 4. It Is No Rocket Science Just one simple formula: E +R=O Event + Response = Outcome
  5. 5. If We Don’t Like Our Outcomes … We Must Change Our Responses.
  6. 6. We Have to Give Up Blaming. We Have to Give up Complaining.
  7. 7. Vision is Our Destination JUST Imagine a Journey With No Destination.
  8. 8. Or A Journey With Dynamic Destination
  9. 9. We Have To Believe In Ourselves. The Choice of What We Believe Is Up To Us.
  10. 10. If We Believe We Can’t Its Very True We Really Can’t We Can .. We Are Damn Right WE CAN!
  11. 11. What Others Think About You is None of Your Business
  12. 12. We Need Goals that Will Stretch Us. We Must Carry Our Most Important Goals In Our Wallet.
  13. 13. Consideration, Fears, Roadblocks. Three Things That Will Emerge To Stop Us.
  14. 14. If We Have Stopped Remember We Have Stopped For Good!
  15. 15. Release The Brakes We Must Get Out of Our Comfort Zone Don’t Be As Dumb As An Elephant. Stop Re-Creating The Same Experience Over and Over
  16. 16. See I knew I couldn't speak In front of a group which stimulates I can’t speak in front of groups My Self Talk what I say to myself about my performance which forms and reinforces My Performance My Self Image how I believe or perform my subconscious picture of myself which determines
  17. 17. So What Should We Be Doing?
  18. 18. Take Responsibility of Our Lives. Respond to the Events. Create a Dream for Our Life. Believe in Ourselves. Don’t let Consideration, Fear, Roadblocks Stop Us. Finally Design a Positive Self-Talk Loop.
  19. 19. Thank You! Lead a Successful Life