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UX Pricing

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Creating effective pricing pages

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UX Pricing

  1. 1. @maitedalila UXPricing
  2. 2. “The ultimate failure of a website is to fail to provide the information users are looking for.”
  3. 3. Make your pricing simple, and the pricing page easy to understand.
  4. 4. Key concepts Don’t make me think Short attention spans People Make Mistakes Don't make people remember things People look to others for guidance People are easily distracted. Choices makes people feel in control Commit to a small action so they later commit to a larger action People create mental models If pages are cluttered, people cant find the information
  5. 5. Psychology Triggers Authority Anchoring Social Proof Loss Aversion Foot-in-the-door Scarcity Community Anticipation Freedom
  6. 6. Pricing strategies Freemium Strategy Multiple Edition Strategy Promotional Strategy Pay as you go Strategy Overage Strategy One time purchase Feature based prices Pay per use Bundle offers Loyalty pricing Discounts Preferred customer Threshold base billing Go social Termination Early bird offers
  7. 7. Activity
  8. 8. Activity • Predefine customer obstacles & objectives: Before starting your design, list all the objections your potential buyers are likely to have to becoming a paying customer. This list will give you an idea of what you need to tackle on your pricing page, which elements should be emphasized on the page, and which removed.
  9. 9. Activity • Pricing value : We tend to value our product or service at a much higher price than people are actually willing to pay for it, simply because it’s ours. How much will your customer be willing to pay? will they be willing to pay? and when?
  10. 10. Activity • Messaging : “What’s in it for me” element. Do not focus on action but on focus on outcome. Emphasize what users will gain (which is a great way to communicate trust). • Common mistakes: • Focusing on your product or service rather than the outcome and bottom line for the customer. • Giving many warnings to customers before they’ve even chosen a plan. (AKA: no gimmicks! no questions asked! money-back guarantees) • These two mistakes, especially the second one, plant worries in your customers mind before they’ve even had time to think of them.
  11. 11. Activity • Pricing plan names : The names of your pricing plans matter, by using meaningful names you can reduce customer frustration and direct them to a particular plan that’s good for them. Ex. Mailchimp users “Entrepreneur” “Growing Business” “High Volume sender”
  12. 12. Activity • Easy to understand : Keep it simple and understandable. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; don’t make it too complicated to understand. You want visitors to get the bottom line of your pricing page in a few seconds, recognize the right plan for them and choose it. Don’t over complicate it with text and new ideas.
  13. 13. Examples
  14. 14. Trust & Security
  15. 15. NO SUPRISES
  17. 17. PRICE DECOY
  18. 18. “PERFERRED PLAN”
  19. 19. FOMO
  24. 24. CURRENCY
  25. 25. FAQ
  26. 26. CALL TO ACTION
  28. 28. Further Reading Hubspot 0001dlhl1luvof4lpq31uhd0v2urp The Ultimate UX Design of: the Credit Card Payment Form credit-card-payment-form/ 15 Pricing Pages and Tables for Your Web Design Inspiration blog/inspiration/15-pricing-pages-and-tables-for-your-web-design-inspiration 10 Principles of Effective Pricing Pages pricing-pages/ 10 Triggers 26 Pricing Best Practice best-practices
  29. 29. UXPricing @maitedalila