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Digital Marketing Strategy Plan By Makanth

  1. Digital Marketing Plan By Makanth Sathupati
  2. Digital Marketing plan to Sell 500 Units of Edukart Digital Marketing Course in 3 Months
  3. Situation Analysis - Target Customers • • • • • • • • • • • Male and Female Age 18+ Graduates & Prospects Interested in a Digital Marketing Career Working Employees Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs Web Marketers Ad Agencies Web Analysts Website Owners People who live in India Outbound Marketers
  4. Situation Analysis - Competition Competitor Est date Size Market share (%) Strengths Weaknesses NIIT Imperia 2006 100 60 Big brand Cost expensive GutsGo emarketing 2009 20 20 Strong Testimonials No Offline marketing 20 Strong Online marketing Campaigns Not providing valid certification for the course Digital Vidya 2008 35
  5. Situation Analysis – Market Size Market Research: • Industry is worth of Rs. 14000 Crores • Digital Marketing agencies are looking for the certified, skilled people • 20 Lk of jobs are going to be created by 2015 Market Targets: • Planning to sell 500 units of Digital Marketing Course to a. b. c. Graduates/ Students Working Professionals Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and etc.
  6. Situation Analysis – Business Environment • Digital Marketing service requirements are growing in India because of the Internet. • People research online about products before purchasing them. • Many business owners want learn new marketing techniques to better sell their products. • Many professional graduates are looking for a Digital Marketing Career. • Digital Marketing is relatively new and the future demand for it is high. • People spending more time on Social Networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and etc.
  7. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Weakness:  New Innovative Products  Strong Marketing Experience  Strong Creative Leadership  Cost Advantage  Positive Brand Recognition  Skilled Workforce  Financial Resource  Don’t have enough resources to do work  Difficult to Raise Capital  No Class Room Training  Hard Copy of Course Not Provided Opportunities: Threats: New Course in the Market  Migrate Customers to web strategy  Partnership  Cross Selling  Changing Customer/Student Preference  Customers/Students Choice (ex: Price)  New Competitive Course Products  Limited Funding  Environmental Constraints
  8. Preparing for SMART Marketing in 2013 Remember to have SMART Goals: Company: Specific Year: 2013 Measurable Goal: Selling 500 Course Units in 3 Months Attainable Realistic Time bound What is your overall marketing goal? Increase sales to IAMAI Digital Marketing Course Units Which situation best summarizes your marketing needs? I need more leads to convert into customers. Based on your answer above, set a specific number for an upcoming goal. 500 Course Units
  9. LEADS Average number of monthly visits Visitor to Lead conversion Rate Number of leads Current 5000 4.00% 200 Recommended GOAL 5500 4.50% 248
  10. When would you like to reach this goal? In Three Months How many hours per week can you dedicate to inbound marketing? 10+ hours per week What is the biggest marketing challenge preventing you from reaching this goal? Converting Leads to Customers
  11. Digital Marketing Channels Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click E-Mail Marketing Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing Banner & Display Advertising  Content Marketing
  12. Channel Allocated Money Pay Per Click Management Rs 1.75LK Search Engine Optimization Rs 62k Content Marketing Rs25k Face book Ads Rs 55k LinkedIn Ads Rs 25k Banner Ads Rs 50k Blog Marketing Rs 30k Video Advertising Rs 25k E-Mail Marketing Rs 20k Mobile Advertising Rs 20k SMS Rs 8k Phone Calls Rs 5k Total Budget 5LK
  13. Keyword Selection
  14. PPC Campaign Structure
  15. Step 1: Mobilize website Step 2: Watch how competitors are using mobile media Step 3: Start using mobile media Step 4: Read everything we can about mobile media (start with Step 5: Claim business on location-based applications Step 6: Run a mobile ad campaign Step 7: Create a 2D or QR code promotion Step 8: Design an iPhone or a Smart Phone app Step 9: Encourage interactivity (e.g., CNN and Virgin Air) Step 10: Integrate Step 11: Track your results Step 12: Test your way into success