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  1. DEFINITION staffing is defined by Heneman and judge in STAFFING ORGANIZATION (5TH edition) as:  it is a process of acquiring, deploying and retaining a workforce of sufficient quality and quantity to create positive impact on organization's effectiveness.
  2. DEFINITION EXPLAINED • Acquisition or recruitment refers to finding and attracting capable elements for employment. • Deployment involves decision about how these recruited candidates are allocated to the specific roles. • Retaining means to decrease the turn over rate of organization.
  4. DEFINITION • According to Edwin Flippo: "it is a process of searching for perspective employees and stimulating them to apply for job in the organiztion".
  5. RECRUITMENT PROCESS • This process begin when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. • In this process maximum number of employees are motivated to apply for the job so that best employee can be selected
  6. INTERNAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT • Promotions • Transfers • Internal notification (Advertisement)
  7. EXTERNAL SOURCES • Campus interview • Press advertisement • Placement consultants • Employment exchanges • contractors
  9. SELECTION • Selection is a very important step in hiring procss. • It refers to choosing most suitable candidate to fill the vacant job position. • Steps involved are; analysing applications, conducting interviews, any necessory test, backgroung investigation, decision to hire or not.........
  10. PLACEMENT AND ORIENTATION • Placement refers to occupying post by a candidate for which he is selected after recieving appointment latter. • Orientation refers to introducing new employee to the already existing employees. Large organizations arrange orientation programmes for this purpose.
  11. Training • It is a short term process utilizing a systemic and organized procedure by which non managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. • In large organizations it is performed by separate Human Resource Deparment. • it motivate employee. • it increase the effeciency of organization.
  12. DEVELOPMENT • It is a long term educational process utilizing organized and systemic procedure by which managerial staff learn conceptual and theoritical knowledge for general purpose.