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IoT... The mind of minds

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Introduction to IoT Business

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IoT... The mind of minds

  1. 1. Malek Al Haddad
  2. 2. 1995 The Rise of Internet 2013 Intel Launches the Internet of Things
  3. 3. TOM DAVENPORT - JOHN LUCKER - Deloitte University Press | Realizing the full potential of the Internet of Things © 2015 Local sensing Data integration Analytics of things
  4. 4. TOM DAVENPORT - JOHN LUCKER - Deloitte University Press | Realizing the full potential of the Internet of Things © 2015
  5. 5. Definition of IoT: Intelligent interactivity between human and things to exchange information & knowledge for new value creation.
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The IoT is seen as a very important tool in the economic and social development of many countries be it for the developing ones, or the developed. The technology is now at a tipping point in the internet evolution and that it is pivotal for the IoT to be adopted to enhance different operations across different industries and verticals.
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  15. 15. William Deckers I Digital Strategy Consultant • The Internet of Things moves in #infographic #Smart homes and #connected cars show momentum
  16. 16. Resource: Communicate with your room air
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  18. 18. An article by Gemma Maroney Marketing Manager at VoIP and Solution IP What does the Internet of Things mean for Children growing up? Teddy the Guardian is a cuddly toy that exemplifies this concept. Able to monitor child temperature and heart rate when hugged, the idea is that the teddy bear does away with the need for adult interventions with intrusive medical instruments that could be distressing for a sick child. Interactive children’s toys that change feedback based on the child’s actions have been available on digital platforms. The IoT will make that data big. By tracking, collating and sending data on how a child interacts with a particular book or toy and making it available online, learning outcomes can become dynamic. Masses of this data can be analyzed by experts and the book can change content or feedback to give the best learning outcome based on previous experience.
  19. 19. Education Students become the sensors Wouldn't it be great to be able to figure out that 25 of the 30 students were having a hard time conjugating verbs, and only two of the 30 didn't understand how to use articles?" the teacher will know that he might then spend an hour of class time on verbs and do a five-minute video on articles for the web.
  20. 20. Education Registration - Login - HEART ID Biometric authentication technology to confirm a student's identity using their heart's unique signature (ECG). The band contains an encrypted hardware element to keep communications safe, an accelerometer and gyroscope for gesture recognition and a haptic feedback motor. When it comes to keeping students on task, teachers could send a “haptic” vibration. Student ID will be linked to a student’s health record or family financial information. Creating a connected classrooms: Beijing Middle School created an integrated, interactive intelligent system based on Microsoft technologies that connects dozens of devices, 50 digital whiteboards with classroom all-in-one televisions and 150 teacher tablets, with a back-end system. The appealing new multimedia classroom experience keeps students more engaged, and helps teachers easily organize and present learning materials, saving them precious time — and saving the school money on maintenance and equipment costs. The new TVs and whiteboards provide clearer, crisper visuals and save more than $800 per classroom each year, or a total of $40,750. The LED lighting in the new displays also uses less energy, which results in additional cost savings. The new system can be scaled in the future to create ever-more educated cities; the classroom system is easy to connect and build upon with new capabilities, devices and data streams. The system could also one day be deployed beyond China’s large cities to rural areas, delivering better educational opportunities to poor communities.
  21. 21. Education Kill the computer lab. A single physical location is not only less relevant in our digitally-saturated world today—it can also reinforce a central, top-down approach to hardware purchasing decisions. If connected devices aim to enhance the classroom experience, then schools should empower teachers to select the hardware that best fits their classrooms, as modeled in programs like Digital Promise’s Teacher Wallets pilot. This shift means that districts and schools may need to rethink the budget process for technology, experimenting with teacher-driven, grant-based models Building managers to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, and even foot traffic. Supermechnical has also released Twine, a similar product they describe as “the simplest way to connect stuff to the internet.” A small, inconspicuous box, it allows users to link almost any physical object to a local area network. Even people with zero coding knowledge can receive text and email updates on whatever items or environments the box is sensing. The NMC predicted that smart objects would become ubiquitous in higher education by 2017, and with such user-friendly tech already on the market, even that may turn out to be a conservative estimate.
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  30. 30. Retail • Having big data management facility handy helps retail businesses with extensibility and scalability over the complexity of data warehousing. Also, it improves the scope for developing superior data analytics models without extensive investment. • More power to retail businesses in structuring key value generation policies, thanks to accuracy of data analytics. • Having a solid big data management platform is extremely effective in overcoming technological limitations, such as, addressing ETL processing, data sorting, preparing data set for analytics, content storage creation and creating online archive. • Ease with deploying commercial hardware and open source tools. Source:
  31. 31. Warehouse • The warehouse of the future will also use sensors, data collection technologies, analytics as well as smart, connected machines that can communicate more information from more nodes in the supply chain. • The value is in the integration of the pieces of the supply chain, what we call the value at the seams. It’s having access to the information between areas like manufacturing and distribution, shipping and the customer or this silo and that silo. • People will only get involved to handle the exceptions that cannot be addressed by the system. • The original manufacturer sends identifying information about each box to the system. That data is then fed to secure sites in the cloud where key information is stored. When the boxes arrive at When the hot pallet is scanned at the receiving dock, a lift truck driver would get a signal to go to the dock to get the pallet. The driver could then go to the lit storage locations to assemble the rest of the order. Meanwhile, the system could automatically schedule the outbound transportation for that order and notify the customer that it’s on its way.
  32. 32. IoT Market
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  36. 36. Pioneer Cities
  37. 37. Amsterdam Smart City Source: http://a msterda msmartc The city of Amsterdam’s broader objective is to connect all of its citizens by 2018. Once connected, residents and businesses will be able to access rich information and media resources, friends and colleagues, and a wealth of innovative services that improve life across the city.
  38. 38. Source: http://a msterda msmartc Amsterdam Smart City
  39. 39. Source: http://a msterda msmartc Amsterdam Smart City
  40. 40. City of Mississauga
  41. 41. Source: Malaysia IoT Roadmap Under the plan, Cyberjaya will be putting in place various IoT-based solutions such as smart traffic management system, energy management, and many others to catalyse Malaysia’s move towards becoming a regional IoT hub and be a hot bed for IoT companies and tech profiles. US$11B Income Boost Expected 14,270 high-skilled employment opportunities by 2020
  42. 42. Thank You... Malek Al Haddad Next Presentation… Smart Terminology and Criteria