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  1. Now with X-BOX Specialized Marketing Service you can find the best Solutions to grow up your Business through Our Marketing Services
  2. • XBOX Database Bank: • It's considering the core of any our business solutions which help us to reach the target in easily and in short time period. 1. Reach any marketing segments you want in Egypt to deliver your advertising message through our huge XBOX database bank which include persons, companies, social clubs& organizations. 2. Xbox succeed to classify this huge database into many classifications regarding the social class, age, sex, city, career & mobile network communication. 3. Now, our XBOX database covers the Gulf area & the Middle East territories.
  3. E-MARKETING SOLUTIONS An Efficient and cost effective tool designed to reach your specified target market and deliver your Marketing Message providing a highly identified data base segments. Bulk SMS Web Advertising Web Design Facebook ads& Groups &Pages Mobile- Applications Experience and enjoy being on the top, with our business consultation and market analysis .
  4. Bulk SMS • Be different from your competitors with a simple,powerful, and fast and directly message, you can reach thousands of customers in just few minutes. • The mobile user doesn't have to access the internet to receive SMS and the message can be delivered anywhere. • Our Bulk SMS services include: • Text SMS: Text SMS which are compatible with all mobile phones. • Web Application SMS: Ability to add a web page link inside the message which can be browsed by mobile phone and the customer can see the product's photo by clicking this link. • Vote SMS: Help our customers to collect data from his clients by using simple program connected to the internet. • Web Application: • Send any numbers of SMS directly to the Example: Clients A.CLASS - B.CLASS - C.CLASS this customers or your employees through our classification according to income level And an free program web application. example are also clients sectors (the oil sector - the • Our technical support team will provide electricity sector - the construction sector - sector with the Link address, user name & investment), etc. And other classifications according password . to the client of the Declaration. We have special offers for companies and agencies
  5. Voice SMS • You can reach minutes of minutes of spoken text with Voice SMS with a fine touch of musical background with no caller ID. • Voice SMS are valid for mobiles & fixed land lines.
  6. Bulk Mail • A daily basis direct Emails for your targeted clients with the full detailed promotion for your products or service. Our emails database targeting clients sectors for companies, factories, corporations depends on your business career.
  7. Web Design Unlike many other companies, our custom designs are built to fill your needs & deliver your message. With our designing and coding teams, we use various designing language like (PHP, HTML, Ruby, Rails, Perl, Python, etc….) Depending on the needs of your website to deliver it in the most attractive way and in the same time make it simple, understandable and user – friendly.
  8. Facebook Ads & page • We can create your business page on Facebook; maximize the number of customers on the page, uploading your products pictures & videos. • Managing your page, answer your customer's questions on your behalf regarding the information you give to us and update new data, pictures & videos. • Creating your Facebook advertising regarding the target category & the purpose of the advertising with the option to connect the adv with your website & your Facebook page.
  9. Mobile Applications • We’re now a specialist mobile application development company offering full-spectrum, end-to end services across diverse categories such as business, utilities, entertainment and gaming amongst various others. We offer custom mobile application development on mobile operating platforms like BlackBerry, IOS, and Symbian. Tell us what you need to grow your business.
  10. Website Ads. • Using websites as an advertising medium to promote your advertising message.
  11. Bluetooth Media Promo • Our Bluetooth transmitter covers up to 200 meters with complete details with recognize memorize, through mobile phone advertising for an effective use for Bluetooth devices sending promotional media material in public places to drive more customers to your doors.
  12. You Tube Channel • you can own your channel on You
  13. Print Advertising Solutions • Make sure you will be different • Magazine ads. with us we follow the latest ways in • Newspaper ads. design and printing and we follow • Outdoor billboards. the latest fashion world. • A print advertisement can only be • Light boxes. effective if people see it. When • Flyers & brochures. people are looking through • Logos, signs. publications, they have a tendency to be receptive to new information and • Tickets & banners. observant of things of interest. One • Magazines. method of print advertising aims to attract people to products and services as they are reading or scanning publications. • Professional print advertising design services for:
  14. Print Advertising Traffic Magazine: • Now you can post your advertising in our Magazine, Traffic is one of XBOX Marketing very effective solutions, which is mainly concerned with class A as a focused Target segment. • Traffic distributed in Social Clubs, Cafes, and Restaurants & Educational institutions.
  15. Multimedia Adv • We help you to select the best media for your business ad whether it is Radio, TV magazines, newsletter or any other channel of information.
  16. Direct Marketing • We'll be promoting your products, services and brands to an audience of both existing and potential customers.
  17. Outsourcing Services • Many companies are out sourcing business services now like telemarketing and customer services, due to benefits such as focus on core competency, cost savings, quality and flexibility. Tell us what you need to grow your business. Telesales Marketing • We offer a full range of Telemarketing Services in the business and consumer marketplaces, supporting your sales team and getting you new business.
  18. X-BOX Marketing Plan Packages • Marketing analysis If you want to experience marketing at a higher level, then let Xbox Marketing Firm take care of all your marketing needs. We at X-box provide you with the optimal and professional solutions to lead the market maximize your profitability and market share, build customer loyalty … Corporate identity, marketing plan. We gathering and analyzing information about the moving good or services from producer to consumer. • S.W.O.T Analysis trategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats involved in a project or in business venture. It involving specifying the objective of business projects or project and identifying the internal and external factors that is favorable and unfavorable to achieve the objective. • Communication Solutions Help business today face increasing budgetary constraints, we specialize in finding information, analyzing your current configuration to make the right move in your business. • Franchise development Our franchise development services include recommendations to your current operations that will enhance the profitability, legal compliance and efficiency of franchise operations. Using the information that we gather combined with our own research and experience, we'll develop the right strategy for your franchise program. • Negotiation and Contracting X-BOX is helping your company to negotiate with all your resources inside the market and get your business the better deals before signing any contract. • Feasibility study Analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it is technically feasible, is feasible within the estimated cost, and will be profitable.
  19. •Event Planning • We are Managing the promotional, social and business aspects of the event, we will Plan & organize the occasion to bring the right people to the right place. • Conferences • Exhibitions • Concerts • Openings • Wedding • Special events
  20. Our Customer