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Leadership Skills: Values and Culture

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Clarity of values can make a significant contribution toward good behaviors and a better culture. The primary function of leadership is to nurture culture through values.

Learn more about how to grow a great organizational culture and how to create a work environment people will be proud of with Management 3.0

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Leadership Skills: Values and Culture

  1. 1. Values & Culture © Happy Melly One BV (Original Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop Material)
  2. 2. Align Constraints: 
 Self-organization can lead to anything, and it’s therefore necessary to protect people and shared resources and to give people a clear purpose and defined goals.
  3. 3. How do we grow a great organizational culture? How do we create a work environment people will be proud of?
  4. 4. The company Enron had the values integrity, communication, respect, and excellence displayed in its corporate lobby. Did that work for them?
  5. 5. Culture eats
 strategy everything for breakfast.
  6. 6. Clarity of values can make a significant contribution toward good behaviors and a better culture.
  7. 7. But… are the espoused values also the enacted values?
  8. 8. The primary function of leadership is to nurture culture through values.
  9. 9. Great companies create frameworks that use societal value and human values as decision-making criteria. - Elizabeth Moss Kanter source: HBR, “How Great Companies Think Differently” 2011/11/how-great-companies-think-differently/
  10. 10. When it comes to language, protocols, culture, and values, you don’t want variability, you want consistency. - Dave Gray, The Connected Company
  11. 11. Without a common workplace culture and identity, it's too easy for differences, instead of similarities, to shape trust relations. - Robert F. Hurley, The Decision to Trust
  12. 12. OK, how do we define values, and get better behaviors and results?
  13. 13. There is no scientific evidence that planned culture change produces changed culture. The change can only happen in many, many local interactions, not through some central plan or program. - Ralph Stacey, Complexity and Organizational Reality Well, not by planning the culture
  14. 14. You don’t create a culture. It happens. This is why new companies don’t have a culture. Culture is the by- product of consistent behavior. - Jason Fried, ReWork
  15. 15. The trick is to invite and/or discourage certain behaviors. You cannot change an organization's culture. What you can change is the guideposts, transparency, and boundaries.
  16. 16. When we are removed from any benchmarks of ethical thought, we tend to stray into dishonesty. But if we are reminded of morality at the moment we are tempted, then we are much more likely to be honest. - Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational
  17. 17. Create guideposts Envision a desired culture and keep iterating
  18. 18. Insightfulness Modesty Playfulness Resourcefulness Spirituality Trustworthiness Inspiration Motivation Pleasure Respect Spontaneity Truth Integrity Neatness Power Responsibility Stability Understanding Intelligence Open-mindedness Pragmatism Responsiveness Status Uniqueness Introversion Openness Precision Restraint Stealth Unity Intuitiveness Optimism Preparedness Rigor Stewardship Valor Inventiveness Order Privacy Sacrifice Strength Variety Joy Orderliness Proactivity Security Success Vigor Justice Organization Professionalism Self-control Support Vision Kindness Originality Prudence Self-discipline Sympathy Vitality Knowledge Outlandishness Punctuality Self-reliance Synergy Warmth Leadership Outrageousness Purposefulness Sensitivity Teamwork Willfulness Learning Passion Rationality Serenity Thankfulness Wisdom Liberty Patience Realism Service Thoroughness Wittiness Logic Peace Reason Sharing Thoughtfulness Wonder Love Perceptiveness Reflection Silliness Thrift Zeal Download the big value list for free at
  19. 19. Handbooks / Culture Books In some companies, employees document espoused values and culture with a book or video. Values Values
  20. 20. Use storytelling In some organizations, employees communicate enacted values and culture with stories.
  21. 21. Many organizations hold a yearly company-wide values day where everybody is invited […] to revisit the organization’s purpose, values, and ground rules and inquire how they […] live up to them. - Frédéric Laloux, Reinventing Organizations Values Day
  22. 22. Stories and ideas that bring the philosophy to life are published […] These anecdotes are repeated to reinforce the culture and are made available to everyone. - Jay R. Galbraith, Designing the Global Corporation Values
  23. 23. Comparing documented values with stories of actual behaviors helps you reinforce and redefine the culture, iteratively. Values
  24. 24. Create boundaries Discourage the bad behaviors Encourage the good ones
  25. 25. The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to tolerate. - Gruenter and Whitaker, School Culture Rewired
  26. 26. Maybe better… The culture of any organization is shaped by the best behavior the leader is willing to amplify.
  27. 27. At the end of the day, you just ask yourself, “How did our vision and values influence decisions I made today?” If they did not, then they are pretty much BS. - Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline
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