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Grad School 101 has the accompanying document.

A presentation given at Virginia Tech by members of the Grad Council to 1st and 2nd year grad students about life in grad school.

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Grad School 101

  1. 1. Grad School 101 Graduate Council, Dept. of Computer Science
  2. 2. What is this all about? • Getting started in grad school • Classes, research, independent studies • Conferences • Jobs: academic, industry • Service • Social life
  3. 3. Getting Started
  4. 4. Undergrad Grad ≠
  5. 5. Classes • Classes are an opportunity to learn about new areas, gain some depth in your area • GPA is not as important as research • Make sure you cover all breadth areas in time
  6. 6. Independent studies • Explore working with a particular faculty advisor • It's OK to double up class projects, or follow them up as independent studies.
  7. 7. Choosing an advisor • Matching research interests • Personality match • Ask around: talk to current students • Some advisors graduate students rapidly; • Others are seldom around, so their students take longer to graduate
  8. 8. Choosing an advisor • Kinds of relationship • frequent interactions? • collaborative work? • independence? • Senior versus junior faculty
  9. 9. Managing Research
  10. 10. Managing research • Choice of software: consider LaTeX • No more corrupt documents moments before a big deadline • Managing bibliographies • One library to cite them all • Use from Day One • Pain to switch later
  11. 11. Conferences
  12. 12. Attending ... • Attend even if you’re not presenting • Meet people from your field: these are your future interviewers and colleagues • OK to pay your own way if needed • More action in the hallways than in session rooms
  13. 13. Future Topics
  14. 14. More to come ... • Submitting to conferences • Presenting at conferences • Job search: academia and industry • Service • On the social side
  15. 15. Remember ... • Take care of yourself first • Maintain your health • You’re here because you love it, so enjoy your years here
  16. 16. Join us! Right afterwards