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Seven myths beyond grammar july 2018

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Common misconceptions about what writing is and how it's done.

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Seven myths beyond grammar july 2018

  1. 1. Seven Myths About Writing Terry Clayton
  2. 2. Myth 1 I don’t know enough grammar and vocabulary.
  3. 3. It’s the message that counts.
  4. 4. Myth 2 Writing is a product.
  5. 5. Writing is a process. thinking reading talking to friends and colleaguesmaking notes planning revising composing
  6. 6. Myth 3 Writing is something I do alone.
  7. 7. Writing is a collaborative effort.
  8. 8. Myth 4 It’s not ready yet.
  9. 9. Feedback from colleagues - how you get better.
  10. 10. Myth 5 The single draft.
  11. 11. Revising is how we make it better.
  12. 12. Myth 6 Revision means correcting.
  13. 13. Revising: Changing structure and organization.
  14. 14. Myth 7 Writing is formal.
  15. 15. Some situations less formal.
  16. 16. Write to express, not to impress. Professor Style Plain English The degree to which these levels of landuse change have in fact manifested themselves upon the hydrological regime of the river remains unclear. 46 words It is not clear how much impact land use changes have had on the hydrological regime of the river. 21 words
  17. 17. Sometimes, your writing is not the problem. © Joe Martin
  18. 18. Beyond Grammar Writing is thinking made visible.