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SOA Migration Slides Presented at SROAUG on 2/22/2013

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Learn the best practices and tips and tricks to handle a large SOA migration project from SOA 10g to SOA 11g

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SOA Migration Slides Presented at SROAUG on 2/22/2013

  1. 1. Jade Global, Inc. SOA10g to 11g Migration 2013Jade Global © 2013
  2. 2. Safe Harbor StatementThe following is intended for information purposesonly, and may not be incorporated into any contract.It is not a commitment to deliver anyservices, material, code, or functionality, and shouldnot be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Agenda• SOA Suite 10g and 11g Architecture Comparison• High-Level Upgrade Steps• Setting Up SOA Suite 11g Environment• Oracle BPEL/ESB Projects Migration• BPEL Instance migration• Oracle BAM Migration• Testing Considerations• Case Study & Lessons Learnt• Common Deployment Issues and Best Practices
  4. 4. SOA Suite 10g and 11g Architecture Comparison
  5. 5. SOA Suite 10g and 11g Architecture Comparison Role 10g 11gJava EE Container OC4J WeblogicManagement Consoles BPEL console,OESB console,Enterprise Enterprise Manager Fusion Manager(OC4J),BAM Management Middleware Control, Weblogic ConsoleOrchestration Oracle BPEL Process Manager BPEL Process Service ComponentExternalize logic Oracle Business Rules Business Rules Service ComponentTransformation, Routing, Fan- Oracle ESB Inside an application/composite :out etc. Oracle Mediator Service Component, Enterprise-Wide: Oracle Service BusApps and Systems JCA Adapters JCA AdaptersConnectivityBusiness Dashboards Oracle BAM ( .NET -Based) Oracle BAM( JEE-Based)Security OWSM( Proxy and gateway modes) OWSM(proxy),OEG(gateway)
  6. 6. High-Level Upgrade Steps Upgrade ADF, SOA Suite or Upgrade Your Deployed Prepare for Upgrade WebCenter Deployment Applications• Identify all integrations and • Prepare database • Install and configure Jdeveloper deployed applications • Strategy for long running BPEL 11g• Review starting point and 11g processes • Open and migrate application topologies • Install and configure 11g using 11g environment • Recompile Application projects • Use upgrade assistant to upgrade • Redeploy application in 11g SOA schemas • Test and verify newly deployed • Perform WebLogic Server applications configurations to support applications • Perform any manual configuration change for SOA or WebCenter • Install and configure WebTier • Use Upgrade assistant to upgrade the WebTier components
  7. 7. High-Level Upgrade Steps
  8. 8. Setting Up SOA Suite 11g Environment• SOA Suite Topology• Upgrade the Repository Database• RCU• Install and Configure SOA Suite 11g Middle Tiers• Upgrade SOA Component Schemas• Configure JAVA EE Features• Conduct Post-Upgrade Tasks
  9. 9. Setting up SOA Suite 11g Environment
  10. 10. Oracle BPEL/ESB Projects Migration Approaches1. Upgrade in Jdeveloper • Analyze the warnings in log files generated during upgrade process2. Command Line Upgrade • Cannot upgrade whole application • Upgraded directory different than source directory • Does not upgrade .jpr files • HTTP WSDL references to project must be accessible3. Upgrade using Ant • Set environment variables • Upgrade an 10g ESB service to an 11g composite application with mediator component • Merge several 10g BPEL processes to an 11g Composite application
  11. 11. BPEL Instance Migration• Upgrade approaches do not support BPEL Instances and audit trail migration• Two choices for cutting over long-running BPEL processes to 11g – Side by side upgrade • 10g and 11g systems run side by side • 10g system has long-running process in retired state • Clients are switched over to 11g • 10g system continues running until all callbacks arrive to complete the long running processes • 10g system is decommissioned – Grace period cutover • 10g system has long-running process in retired state • After a grace period all long-running processes in 10g are killed • 10g system is decommissioned • 11g system is brought up in production
  12. 12. Oracle BAM Migration• RCU Creates the schema for 11g BAM• Use Upgrade Assistant to Copy data, Objects, Reports, Alerts from 10g BAM system• 10g enterprise link is not supported• Native support for JMS connectivity in 11g• Native Support for ODI integration in 11g
  13. 13. Testing Considerations• Application flow testing• Business and Application team availability• Preparing Testing data• External Integrations – Identify inbound and Outbound touch points – Identify the teams ( application, networking etc.)• Connection Pools testing• File Transfer testing• Security Considerations
  14. 14. Case StudyThe Client Challenges • Precision provided Web Service had Http binding, with Complex input & output. SOA• A leading provider of 11g does not support Complex data type for Http Binding Web Service optical products and • Custom JAVA Client was developed in 10g using Flexera provided Web Service. 10g test and measurement Client could not be used directly in 11g solutions for the • AIA version was not certified for latest SOA release communications industry Key Requirements• Revenue ~2 Billion • Oracle EBS and Precision Integration for Shipment (create/void shipment & shipment Dollar confirmation) • Oracle EBS and Flexera (3rd party System – On Demand) Integration for Sales Orders(for license entitlements only)Technologies • EBS and CRM OnDemand Integration using AIA Framework• Oracle EBS The Solution• SOA 11g • Use HttpClient (in JAVA Embed) for invoking Http Web Service with Complex data type• OnDemand Siebel CRM • Regenerate Web Service Client in 11g & depending on customization,• • Customize Custom JAVA Client in 11g OR• External Integrations – • Develop new SOA Artifacts in 11g based on External web service only B2B Vendors • Migrate to latest certified AIA version and retrofit customizations
  15. 15. Lessons Learnt1. Migration can be as simple as importing 10g resources in 11g JDeveloper, customizing existing SOA artifacts to fresh SOA artifacts development2. Limitations of SOA can be overcome with JAVA3. Estimations should be provided based on number of integration points, binding, accessibility better to postpone estimating efforts after initial analysis of integration touch points4. Every migration is new and unique in its own
  16. 16. Common Deployment Issues• Base64 encoding/decoding class issue• Recursive import issue• RuntimeFault.wsdl and ws-addressing.xsd cannot be found
  17. 17. Best Practices Before Migration• Ensure that 10g projects are up and running on latest SOA 10g release• Install Jdeveloper using SOA extensions• Install latest SOA Suite• Configure all necessary resources• Start with a Pilot Project, rather than a Big Bang Approach
  18. 18. Best Practices During and After Migration• Recompile the migrated projects• Think about rearranging artifacts to corresponding folders; also, only change the reference as needed• Run 11g Adapter configuration wizard for each adapter to verify the adapter configuration• Create JDeveloper Applications and Projects
  19. 19. Get in Touch With Jade Global Jade Global Jade Global Contact Us on the Web Headquarters India Locations• Jade Global Headquarters • Jade Global Software Pvt. Ltd. 1731 Technology Drive E-space IT Park A-3, Suite # 350 4th Floor, 104 A to E, San Jose, CA 95110 Wadgaon Sheri Pune-Nagar United States Road, Pune, 411-014 +1 408-899-7200 Phone: +91-20-66081500 VOIP: +1-408-907-2730, +1-408-834-8606 Global/183670883517?ref=ts&fref=tsl• Jade Global East Coast Office Fax: +91-20-66081595 977 Lily CT Morganville, NJ 07751 • Jade Global Software Pvt. Ltd. United States 4th Floor, C-56/21, Sector-62, +1 646-334-7165 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301 global