civil engineering building services sustainable development elements of good governance pillars of sustainable development innovation societal transformations governance strategies targets set by niti aayog goals of sd set by un need of sustainable development estimation of population design period selection of the methods is 10500 chemical tests physical indicators effects of impurities characteristics of water water quality indicators environmental problems ecosystem biosphere lithosphere hydrosphere atmosphere economic decisions economic efficiency technical efficiency factors influencing demand factors influencing supply laws of supply and demand flow in economy elements of economics forest conservation act the air (prevention and control of pollution) act the environment (protection) act 1986 environmental legislations eia iso 14001 standard ems environmental management system environmental impact assessment resource management environmental degradation and pollution environmental education protecting the environment climate change and natural disasters concepts of societal transformation gradual change transition management good governance requirements of sustainability sustainability is about protection and creation paths of development institutional isomorphism typology of institutionalism old/ new institutionalism institutions-characteristics plumbing service traps comfort in building thermal insulation noise control sound insulation reverberation time water conservation rain water harvesting piping material fire resistance acoustics choice of equipments control devices for particulate contaminants air pollution control units pollutant classification air pollution airport planning water softening hardness removal solid waste management global environmental issues design of sewerage system. network analysis of water distribution network soft wares in design of water distribution network
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