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B2B exchange indiamart

provide info about b2b online exchange system with site analysis on indiamart in comparison with tradeindia through on spot survey, data analysis

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B2B exchange indiamart

  1. 1. B2B exchanges are online marketplaces for businesses to buy and sell goods and services from other businesses. They can create customer-driven value chains that substantially reduce costs for both buyer and seller and better align the entire supply chain with the customer’s needs.
  2. 2. Types of B2B exchanges: • Consortia- Consortia are B2B exchanges that attempt to provide a technological and organizational platform to enable interaction among firms within an existing association or network.
  3. 3. • Proprietary- Private marketplaces are run by a single company and its key suppliers, such as those sponsored by Wal-Mart and Dell.
  4. 4. • Third-party – Public exchanges such as Commerce one are run by a third party, and are open to all companies that meet the standards defined by the exchange.
  5. 5. Site analysis
  6. 6. India’s largest B2B marketplace connecting Buyers & Suppliers. Amongst top 5 B2B companies in the world. Among top 100 companies wrt traffic in India. Only B2B marketplace ranked amongst top 100 websites in India. Enables US$ 1 Billion worth transactions for businesses every year.
  7. 7. The channel wagging....
  8. 8. The core idea is to provide the clientele with partner office, factory outlet deals, the warehouse connectivity and forwarding agents linkage under a single roof of : INDIAMART
  9. 9. What IndiaMart offers as an online exchange?
  10. 10. We sent an enquiry to Indiamart about the order for a messenger bag...
  11. 11. The supplier replied with a call in less than 90 minutes !!!
  12. 12. While Tradeindia’s responded after 11 hours for a bag enquiry....
  13. 13. Why we prefer IndiaMart? • Better availability and wide range of products • User-friendly interface • Convenience of buying • Fair prices • Promising quality and time of delivery • Secure mode of payment • Order tracking facility and customer tracking • Return policies and discount. • Minimum order quantity negotiable
  14. 14. IndiaMart • Messenger bag • Green Packaging Idustries Pvt. Lim. • Colour- blue and white • Material- recyclable cotton fabric • Supplier- Bangalore based • Response- 90 min. • MOQ- 200 • Delivery time- 8-9 business days Tradeindia • Hand bag • Creatinova Designs and Wholesalers • Colour- beige • Material- cotton canvas fabric • Supplier- New Delhi based • Response- 11 hours • MOQ- 600 • Delivery time- 9-11 business days
  15. 15. Revolutionary step... IndiaMART App
  16. 16. Recommendations : • A quality product is the ultimate demand of any of the buyer i.e. the product should have value for money and for assuring this the sites or the manufacturer should provide the facility of providing the sample of the product for further approval and order placement. This process will facilitate the buyer to have a clear idea of the product quality which they are likely to get. • Costing or Price quoted for any of the products is one of the deciding criteria for placing the order so the buyer should do the market research in order to get the best possible price without compromising in quality. • Return policy is always available in B2B exchanges, so the return policies should be reasonable and acceptable by the buyer so as to give a balanced power to both the parties.
  17. 17. • The interface of the site should be simple, clear and easily understandable yet attractive so as to make the accessibility of any user easy. The interface of the site should be in such a way that the buyer reaches to its desired destination with minimum effort i.e. the site should have clearly mentioned tab and required highlighted options available. • The terms and conditions and privacy policies of the site and the manufacturers should be clearly available and properly mentioned in the site itself so as to facilitate a transparent working without any of the hidden trap and conditions. • Tracking order facility should be present in the site and should be available online. • The shipment, if ready then should be delivered on time that was decided earlier.
  18. 18. The media hype: