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Topic for video speech presentation

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Topic for video speech presentation

  1. 1. My name is Osman Bin Zunaidi. My matrik number is D042834. My topic is video speech presentision is HOW TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Assalamualaikum and salam 1 Malaysia, It really gives me great pleasure to deliver you a speech today on healthy lifestyle. Put on your thinking cap; try asking yourself, have you been on healthy diets? Have you gotten sufficient rest each day? Or even, have you been performing healthy lifestyle by doing sports regularly? Your answer lies with yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the easiest thing to do, provided you know the right tricks. Now I would like to share some valuable tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first tip I want to share is we must go for a healtly diet. To towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy. Poor nutrition will affects your health, so you need to ensure that all the essential nutrients are well balanced in your diet. Healthy food will enhance your physical and mental stamina, enabling you to cope up with the pressures of daily life more efficiently. Include vitamins, proteins and minerals in your diet, so that your body gets its due share of nutrition. If you don’t wish to dig your grave with your own knife and
  2. 2. fork, these following tips on healthy eating should put your dietary habits back on track. Healthy Eating Tips is my second tip.If you are someone who lives to eat rather than eats to live and don’t mind about it, then it’s time you gave your food habits some serious thought! The cue is to eat healthy and use just enough calories to nutrify your body. Just stick to the average calorie intake, which is 2000 calories for men and 1500 calories for women. Fats are good or bad, depending on their type and the amount you eat. Taking out fat from your diet is a big folly that can put you at the risk.The idea is to get wise with your fat intake. Taking away oil, butter and fat from your diet can leave you with happy results. If you wish to stay high up on the health ladder always, its best advised to breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Nevertheless, most people happily skip their breakfast and settle for a quick grub for lunch and then rush home and pig out on dinner fit for three people. Understand that your metabolism is the slowest during the evenings. The best way way you can do is fuel it up with fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat dairy and protein before you step out of the house every day.
  3. 3. My next tip is Exercise Regularly.Regular exercise is as important as healthy food habits, to maintain a competent lifestyle. Some people eat well, but avoid working out. The benefits of exercise have been proved. If your working schedule is too hectic to allow you any time for exercise, try to find other ways of working out. For the best result, avoid the elevators and climb up the stairs to your office. You can also walk till the market, rather than rolling out your car every time you want to buy something. My last tip is Take Proper Sleep Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will become impossible with a lack of proper sleep. Never compromise with your sleeping hours, under any situation. Less sleep hampers your efficiency by making you feel lazy and inactive. Try to establish a fixed bed time routine and follow it always. You should get up in the morning feeling fresh and active. Thank you and I do hope that my speech will help everybody to maintain a healthy lifestyle.