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Deconstruction introduction

a brief introduction of deconstruction for literature students

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Deconstruction introduction

  1. 1. * A brief introduction Hu Ran SY1112105
  2. 2. ConceptBack ground and important figuresReference *
  3. 3. * “In a traditional philosophical opposition we have not a peaceful coexistence of facing terms but a violent hierarchy. One of the terms dominates the other (axiologically, logically, etc.), occupies the commanding position. To deconstruct the opposition is above all, at a particular moment, to reverse the hierarchy” (Derrida qtd. in Jonathan Culler 85). *
  4. 4. * “Deconstruction must … thorough a double gesture a double science, a double writing, put into practice a reversal of the classical opposition and a general displacement of the system. It is on that condition alone that deconstruction will provide the means of intervening in the field of oppositions it criticizes and which is also a field of non- discursive force” (Derrida qtd. in Culler 85-86). *
  5. 5. * “The practitioner of deconstruction works within the terms of the system but in order to breach in” (Culler 86) . *
  6. 6. * “To „deconstruct‟ philosophy is thus to work through the structured genealogy of its concepts in the most scrupulous and immanent fashion, but at the same time to determine, from a certain external perspective that it cannot name or describe, what this history may have concealed or excluded, constituting itself as history through this repression in which it has a stake” (Derrida qtd. in Culler 86). *
  7. 7. * “…to deconstruct a discourse is to show how it undermines the philosophy it asserts, or the hierarchical oppositions on which it relies, by identifying in the text the rhetorical operations that produce the supposed ground of argument, the key concept or premise. These descriptions of deconstruction differ in their emphases ” (Culler 86) . *
  8. 8. * Causality: a basic principle of our universe. One event causes another, that causes produce effects.* Chronological reversal of “Pin-Pain”* “The fragment of the outside would of which we become conscious comes after the effect that has been produced on us and is a posteriori as its „cause.‟ In the phenomenalism of the „inner world‟ we invert the chronology of cause and effect. The basic fact of „inter experience‟ is what the cause gets imagined after the effect has occurred” ”(Derrida qtd. in Culler 86). *
  9. 9. *1. Discover the binary operations;2. Comment on the values, concepts and ideas behind these operations;3. Reverse these present binary operations;4. Dismantle previously held worldviews;5. Accept the possibility of various levels of a text based on the new binary inversion.6. Allow the meaning of the text to be undecidable.
  10. 10. ** 结构主义向后结构主义(解构主义)的转向* 20世纪60年代,是全是世界范围内的一个矛盾冲突激化期。今天不少历史学家和社会学家都趋向于把60年代看成是对50年代的一种反动或断裂,其“标识”就是“政治上和文化上的激进主义”。* 激进思潮渗透到人文和社会科学的各个领域,使得60年代后的整个欧美思想理论界出现大分化、大整合的局面。而其中最为突出的一个现象,就是随着以索绪尔(Saussure)、列维-斯特劳斯(Lévi-Strauss)等一批结构主义思想理论家的崛起,原先那种受实证论影响而注重务实的思维方式逐步转向一种相对的思维方式;“历时”的观察角度被“共时”的观察角度替代。(盛宁)
  11. 11. * 1966年10月,美国约翰霍普金斯大学的人文科学研究中心邀请了欧洲各国和美国本土的一百多位人文科学的专家教授,其中包括罗兰巴特(RolandBarthes)、雅各拉康(Jacques Lacan )和雅各德里达(Jacques Derrida)等一批一流学着,召开了一次题为“批评的语言和人的科学”的超大型学术讨论会。这次讨论会本来的目的是专门研讨结构主义的理论和方法,然而,法国解构主义哲学的主要代表德里达异军突起,发表了他那篇著名的题为《人文科学话语的结构、符号和嬉戏》(Structure, Sign and Playin the Discourse of the Human Science)的论文。标志着结构主义向解构主义的转向的肇始。(盛宁) *
  12. 12. Derrida Lacan Foucault Barthes *Four Pillars of Post- structuralism in France
  13. 13. * Hillis Miller Harold BloomPaul de Man Geoffrey Hartman
  14. 14. * Culler, Jonathan. On Deconstruction: Theory and Criticism after Structuralism. 1982. Introd. Sheng Ning. China: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press,2004. Print.* “Deconstruction”, posted by:zbmbobo.Baidu. PPT. 2010-11-17. 727a5e962e7.html?from=rec&pos=0&weight=26 &lastweight=4&count=5 *

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a brief introduction of deconstruction for literature students


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