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Flawless and complete spectrum of electronic publishing services

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MAP Systems is among the most reputed epublishing services provider in India, fortified with expertise and specialize in the entire concerned processes including the creation, management and delivery of content in accordance with the customer demands.

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Flawless and complete spectrum of electronic publishing services

  1. 1. Flawless and complete spectrum of electronic publishing services
  2. 2. ePublishing services • We are among the most reputed ePublishing service providers in India, offering expertise that covers the total dimensions of electronic publishing. • We accept input be it any digital format, XML, HTML, PDF, microfiche, microfilm or even paper. • We provide output in epub, epub3, interactive ePub, fixed layout, enhanced ePub, nook fixed, kindle and more.
  3. 3. Services we offer • ePub conversion services • Fixed layout ePub conversion services • Interactive eBook conversion services • Enhanced ePub conversion services • Kindle conversion services • XML conversion services • Digital archiving services • Pubmed conversion services • DT Book conversion services •Flash to HTML5 conversion services • HTML/XHTML/PDF to HTML conversions services
  4. 4. ePub conversion services • Providing a flexible cover page • Index formatting with appropriate tagging and linking of TOC • Removal of original page number, headers/footers • Complex data formatting for children’s books, STM publications, magazines, journals, books and more. • Proofing of images and illustrations • Re-pagination • Embedding of audio and video files in ePub
  5. 5. Our ePub Conversion Formats include: • PDF to ePub Conversion • Word to ePub Conversion • Mobipocket / Kindle to ePub Conversion • HTML to ePub Conversion • TXT to ePub Conversion • Adobe InDesign to ePub Conversion • Printed Books, material, hard copy to ePub Conversion • Scanned documents to ePub Conversion • XML to ePub Conversion • RTF to ePub Conversion • QuarkXPress to ePub Conversion
  6. 6. eBook conversion services • We create eBooks which are aesthetically pleasing, feature rich and compatible with all major eBook retailers including: Amazon, Apple, Kobo and many more. • We provide output in ePub, ePub 3, interactive eBook, enhanced ePub, Fixed Layout ePub, Nook Fixed Layout format, Mobi Pocket, Kindle Fire and KF8 format. • We also convert eBook to PDF, word, HTML or to any other format with equal ease.
  7. 7. Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Advantages of fixed layout ePub: • You can search for a particular piece of text, choose text sizes and embed desired fonts • Integration of audio-video features, bookmark, navigation, dictionary linking can be done • You can position images accurately • It is the best solution for children’s books,travel books, cook books, magazines and brochures
  8. 8. Fixed Layout eBook formats provided by us • Fixed-layout ePUB 3 • Fixed-layout KF8 • Nook Kids ePUB • Kindle Comics • Nook Comics • Kindle Textbook Creator
  9. 9. Interactive eBook Conversion Services • Integrating audio and video elements without use of flash • Better styling and presentation • Extra functionalities like Geo location, Canvas, Finger Painting, etc. • Use of Scalable Vector Graphics for enhanced clarity of images and other illustrations • CSS3 for columns, text shadows, and animations, etc. • Interactive HTML5 books offer Native support for MathML and SVG
  10. 10. Benefits of outsourcing to us • Data security and privacy • Cost effective pricing • Premium quality output • Quick turnaround time • Professionals equipped with latest technologies
  11. 11. Industries we serve: • Professional Publishing • Trade Publishing • Education Publishing • Information Technology • Telecommunication • Aerospace & Aviation • Defense • Law & Legal Services
  12. 12. For more info, visit: Call us on +1-3477322734 Reach us and see what amazing difference we can make to your business!