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World Famous Prayer Interpretation By Dr

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World Famous Prayer Interpretation By Dr

  1. 1. World Famous Prayer for Welfare of Universe Interpretation By Shriniwas Kashalikar
  2. 2. SARVETRAH SUKHINAH SANTU SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYAH SARVE BHADRANI PASHYANTU MA KASCHIT DUKKHAMAPNUYAT [Let everyone be happy, healthy and well meaning and let there be no grief in anyone’s life] Many of us may have strong objection to prayers. They may feel that such praying is an indication of weakness, diffidence and dependence.
  3. 3. According to some; this can be even paranoid behavior. Even as I have no intention to change this point of view [as that can happen only through one’s experience and not by mere explanations], it is still thought appropriate to give explanation which may prove helpful to the concerned ones. However it is not expected that the reader agrees with whatever is written. It is always a healthy thing to read, think over and verify the contents rather than accepting them without
  4. 4. scrutiny and verification. But it is also equally healthy not to discard anything blindly without due consideration and efforts for verification or individual experience! These prayers are meant for getting strength from the infinite cosmic powers, of which we are manifestations or extensions. The cosmic ‘energies’, gods and goddesses can be compared to the powerhouses and we can be compared with the electric bulbs,
  5. 5. which are the extensions of the electricity from the powerhouses. In case there are blocks in the wiring, then the bulbs will not illumine adequately. In such case the only way to illumine the bulb would be to remove the blocks and facilitate free flow of electricity. In case of human beings ‘blocks’ develop due to natural development of ego, pettiness and superficial values. These
  6. 6. ‘blocks’ can be effectively removed by the prayers and also by chanting or remembering the name of God and connecting ourselves with the source of empowerment of the consciousness and the universe. We can take another example. We are leaves of a life tree. Because of ego we tend to identify ourselves as isolated, alienated, disconnected, discrete, disjointed ‘leaves’! This makes us weak, petty, arrogant,
  7. 7. diffident, cynical, depressed and frustrated. Prayers are like reestablishing the link with roots of the tree of which we are the leaves! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR