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Marcela Kane Lantrip - International Focus

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Marcela Kane Lantrip is a Latin American native who attended college at the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia, where she earned two degrees. Eventually, she came to the United States to attend the University of Houston, and she has continued working in the state of Texas since graduating. Her degrees include a Master in Laws, a Master in Tax and a Doctor in Jurisprudence.

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Marcela Kane Lantrip - International Focus

  1. 1. Marcela Kane Lantrip International Focus Marcela Kane Lantrip is a tax professional who has focused on international tax law in various positions throughout her career. Presently, she works as a Senior International Tax Manager with Halliburton, and in the past she has served roles such as Senior Manager of Non-US Tax Accounting for Weatherford International, Latin America Region Tax Manager for Talisman Energy and International Tax Manager for the Latin America Region with Baker Hughes Inc.
  2. 2. Marcela Kane Lantrip Tax Planning Basics Marcela Kane Lantrip is an international tax professional with nearly two decades of experience in her field. Your AGI is a primary factor in determining how much you owe on your taxes, among other things, and lowering it can improve your end-of-year outcome. Tax deductions are a part of lowering your AGI and, as a result, decreasing what you owe. Once you’ve lowered your AGI as much as possible, through deductions, 401(k) contributions and more, it’s time to look at tax credits. Even if you’re not an experienced tax pro like Marcela Kane Lantrip, you can apply tax planning to improve your financial situation. Seek assistance from a tax professional if you’re unsure of how to move forward.
  3. 3. Marcela Kane Lantrip The Woodlands, Texas Marcela Kane Lantrip is an international tax professional who has worked in Latin America and in various Texas cities since coming to the United States. Between 2011 and 2013 she worked in The Woodlands, Texas, with Talisman Energy as its Latin American Regional Tax Manager. She was responsible for all related international tax issues. Kane left the position in April of 2013 to accept a Senior Manager role with Weatherford International.
  4. 4. Marcela Kane Lantrip Why Implement Mentorship Marcela Kane Lantrip is a tax professional and a supporter of mentorship in the workplace. Whether or not you have an employee like Marcela Kane Lantrip in your organization, implementing mentorship could improve your employee value and satisfaction while boosting your company’s functionality. Mentorship assists employees in acquiring knowledge and skills from each other, which reduces corporate risk and increases employee value. Even when the mentor/mentee parties are not aware of it, such relationships usually result in two-way learning, or reverse mentoring. At the very least, encourage your employees to seek seasoned mentors like Marcela Kane Lantrip away from the workplace.
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