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BankVic Culture - The Beat of BankVic

  1. What is CULTURE? A set of shared beliefs, values and practices.
  3. A great culture helps attract great people.
  4. Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing. Customers are more easily attracted with a great product. Talent is more easily attracted with a great culture.
  5. A great culture helps people deliver their best work.
  6. CULTURE? You’re standing in it. Whether we plan it or not, culture will happen.
  7. Reed Hastings and Patty McCord NETFLIX
  8. People have DRAMATICALLY changed how they work.
  9. THEN NOW FOCUS Pension Purpose NEED Good Boss Great Colleagues HOURS 9-5 Whenever WORKPLACE Office Wherever TENURE Whole Career Whatever
  10. And although people have DRAMATICALLY changed…
  11. Many organisations operate as if they’re frozen in time.
  12. They operate as if money matters most…
  13. …and as if amazing people are just happy to just have a job.
  14. We like to see ourselves as different from the rest...
  15. Well, to start with… banking with heart is not just a bunch of words on the wall. It’s core to our philosophy of putting our members first and how we differentiate ourselves.
  16. It’s also a very BIG promise! One not to be taken lightly.
  17. We have vision, They drive our culture by describing our who we are and who we aspire to be. purpose and values.
  18. Our culture is so important to us that we drew it on a huge culture roadmap…
  19. Our shared vision gives us focus on what we do for our members...
  20. …with very specific targets.
  21. Our shared purpose gives us focus on why we do it...
  22. Our five shared values were developed by our team members. They describe who we are and how we operate.
  23. That sounds like banking with to us.
  24. To achieve we need our own culture and unique values
  25. We measure ourselves against our own greatest work. We strive for the next stage of our development and own it. We never compromise on quality.
  26. And we take the time to recognise and celebrate each other’s greatness. Great work deserves great reward.
  27. We regularly recognise people who go above and beyond in performance… as well as those ‘unsung heroes’ representing our values.
  28. To achieve we need our own culture and unique values
  29. We constantly question the status quo. We’d rather be failing frequently than never trying new things.
  30. Innovation is not run by a committee at BankVic. It’s a philosophy. We are all innovators.
  31. We direct our experience and passion into designing new banking with heart experiences. We make innovation happen by collaborating in cross functional teams to see our ideas through to fruition.
  32. To achieve we need our own culture and unique values
  33. We are committed to open and transparent, two-way communication. …and we communicate often.
  34. We share (almost) everything We make uncommon amounts of information available to everyone in the company.
  35. We have open access to anyone in the company. No permission needed. All doors are open.
  36. The intent behind all of this transparency is to support smarter and better decisions. So…
  38. Just because someone made a mistake years ago doesn’t mean we need a policy. We don’t penalise the many for the mistakes of the few. We only protect against big stuff.
  39. We don’t have pages of policies and procedures.
  40. USE GOOD JUDGEMENT. Instead, we have a 3-word policy on just about everything.
  41. Results matter more than the hours we work.
  42. Results matter more than how much vacation we take.
  43. To achieve we need our own culture and unique values
  44. When someone needs help, we put our hands up.
  45. Because of our connection to our members, we see ourselves as part of our member communities.
  46. We regularly offer our money, time, energy and support them wherever we can.
  47. Being instinctively generous also applies to how we work together. We make ourselves available to help each other get things done.
  48. To achieve we need our own culture and unique values
  49. We create the right environment where people can thrive. And we bring in more of the right people. Why is this important?
  50. Remember what we said about great culture as a recruiting tool…?
  51. Compromising on culture is mortgaging our future. It’s reasonable to want to hire just for skills when the need for help is painfully acute. It’s reasonable. But it’s also wrong. The interest rate on culture debt is crushingly high.
  52. So, we are unreasonably picky about our peers…
  53. We don’t just believe in banking with heart, we bet on it. There are 5 attributes that we value in people…
  54. HONEST Transparent and open with others and with themselves
  55. EXCELLENT Has the Ex-factor Excels in their efforts to get sh*t done Measurably impacts results Immeasurably adds value
  56. ADVOCATE Stands by their work Champions the team Hero’s the business
  57. RESILIENT Embraces change with a Teflon attitude
  58. TEAM Collaborates by default and nurtures the success of others
  60. We try hard not to hire these people. (but never hard enough)
  61. Does this mean we only accept those that match our 5 attributes perfectly? No. Confucious has good advice here…
  62. “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”
  63. But… Our culture is not perfect for everyone. We are not a utopian workplace. We have issues...
  64. We are growing… And because things are moving fast and changing constantly, it feels chaotic. It feels chaotic often it is chaotic.
  65. And because ‘banking with heart’ is such a big promise, we still need to examine what that means to us and how we make it true. We need to be prepared to address where we fall down.
  66. Overall, we love it here. Better imperfect than perfectly average.
  67. AND…the more care and energy we put into building and maintaining a great working experience for our people, the better it gets.
  68. By creating a culture that our people can be proud of, where work is engaging challenging rewarding surprising and fun…
  69. …word gets around about us and our great culture.
  70. Imagine Too many applicants. Banging down our door. They want to work here. More experience. More diversity. The best of the best!
  71. At BankVic we bring more of our authentic selves to work. collaborate innovate and operate with others like us. Where we can communicate
  72. Where we work as one fiercely united team to provide what we call… …a banking with heart experience for our members.