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Infographic: Ideas 2 Propel U by Maree Cutler-Naroba a.k.a The Ideas Guru

Dear Gorgeous Woman,

Do you want to start a business but you do not know how or where to begin or who to ask for help?

Have you started your business but you are in overwhelm as to what to do next?

Do you want to change your job or get promoted in your job but you are not sure how to go about doing this?

Do you want to pursue some further training but you are not sure what or who to choose, or how you could manage with the study?

Ideas 2 Propel U are 4WH Experts in Business and Career Design: WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHO and HOW.

TEXT us between now and 31 January 2015 and you go in the draw to win a 90 minute Business or Career Design Session (valued at $150).

Love Maree xx

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Infographic: Ideas 2 Propel U by Maree Cutler-Naroba a.k.a The Ideas Guru

  1. 1. IDEAS ROPEL HE | Myname is Maree Cutler-Naroba! I am the founder of Ideas 2 Propel U N _ S ' Iv '. .,_, .v” OU R MISSION: el U I IS OI“ M‘SS"? : tt: help rI Here at Idea? ,2, ‘I? pcation and M ‘lgentity and serve V0“ Tn, ‘-, ty on V ' bus! “ fe I Ii e the 709:, “ 0“ gal“ C a_ ‘t You W‘ _ ‘ an ‘(foul °‘? 'ee', ‘.(. ‘IecNL 9"“ ha Natale action I coniuS“““S‘oa, In you dream5 V0“ ‘a m Qaih moment“ Ideas to Propel U is supported by an Advisory Board and a Virtual Assistant Team. If you would like to access the virtual assistance services, then make contact through Ideas 2 Propel U's sister business: Tm-. v'I'; ma1 , " The Virtual Hive, www. thevirtuaIhive. biz . JV OUR EDUCATION AND MENTORING FOCUSES ON: CONSOLIDATING YOUR BUSINESS IDENTITY O 2 Business name, tagline, famelniclt name, logo, vision statement, mission statement, core values, your why, unique value proposition, target market, website content, social media presence. CONSOLIDATING YOUR CAREER IDENTITY § Personal vision statement, core values, goals, employment experience, community interests, ‘*"“'"“*"‘°"‘ °"" ‘”“"‘“9* PACKAGING YOUR CAREER IDENTITY Resume, career path plan, professional development and training options, industry networking and career transition steps. @ideos2prope| u slideshare. net/ idecIs2propelU . com/ I 1231 23558060432305I 9 (Ideas 2 Propel U) . com/ ideas2prope| u CQl'l' IECI ’I’ llh lI’I/ ARIEL‘ You . comuser/ ldecIs2prope| u/videos me W 6“ £58 All CAREER DESIGNER | ‘0|I 'I'OII’IEI‘ www. ideastopropelyou. com/ podcast