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Red Branch Media in 2013

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Want to know what Red Branch has been up to this year? I know, it’s likely been keeping you UP nights. Well, never fear! It may be a full week into the New Year but we’ve GOT this. You may have seen Kyle, our graphic design intern featured this morning and he made us this fantastic wrap up of the year that was 2013. It’s been a crazy year, and here is 2013 from our POV.

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Red Branch Media in 2013

  1. 1. in Who wants to read a year-long retrospective of what a B2B marketing firm did in 2013? That’s not the important question dear reader; the real question is how come you’re still not part of the amazing family of clients, colleagues, partners and workers who call themselves....Branchers? Now go forth and read what we’ve been up to, how funny we are and why, we of all people....are going places. DOWN TO BUSINESS 24 9 17 869 42 13 6 line length does not signify importance only how long the person has been a “brancher” Maren Hogan Chief Marketing Brain (402) 715-0102 @marenhogan LEARN MORE