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Learning2gether 31st may

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This is the ppt I shared with my friends at Learning2gether

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Learning2gether 31st may

  1. 1. Learning Together Session Sunday 31st May, 2015 “Flattening classrooms and building bridges with Mystery Location Calls” By Maria del Carmen Colussa Host: Vance Stevens
  2. 2. Roles Greeter Mapper Questioner Note-taker Recorder Photographer
  3. 3. What does my partner class need to know? Students´age group Time in GMT World Time Buddy, your best ally Other detail?
  4. 4. Where do I find partner classes? Skype in the Classroom Edmodo Google Communities, find yours! Twitter!, aren´t you on Twitter??
  5. 5. What happens in a Mystery Session?
  6. 6. Mystery Location Calls Make learning meaningful, relevant and F.U.N! We model netiquette with our students. First step for collab global projects. Online safety. Helps us build a positive online presence.
  7. 7. Impromptu Skype Session in an Argentinian public school Me-Would you like to talk to someone from abroad? Sts-Yes!!!! (one student gives me wifi connection from her phone, she does the technical connections herself) I post a request in my Hello Little World skype chat thread. Mr Sebastian Panakal answers the request and has a conversation with the students with me as the interpreter. Sts-Teacher let´s do this every class!!
  8. 8. Reminder: ...before we leave… REMEMBER! Useful links
  9. 9. Icons from: Iconfinder Photo Credits: All photographs are by Maria del Carmen Colussa