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Friends in deep ocean

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Friends in deep ocean

  1. 1. Collaborative storyPortugal-Spanish state““Friends in deep oceanFriends in deep ocean””
  2. 2. 1. Children choose the four characters of this story, from the descriptionsavailable in the Twinspace and in the Wiki of the project "Virtual Museumof Monsters" ( Teachersread the characteristics of monsters.2. Portuguese children choose a monster they created and anothermonster from Spain.3. Spanish children choose a monster they created and another monsterfrom Portugal.4. Spanish children begin the story.5. Portuguese children continue the story.6. Spanish children complete the story and suggest two titles.7. Portuguese children choose the final title.
  3. 3. In the Sea of Nazaré,Portugal ...
  4. 4. There were two monsters friends. Their names were...
  5. 5. Shark invited Star Fire Rumrum to have teaat home, in the sea of Nazaré.
  6. 6. The night fell and Shark invited herto spend the night at home. His facewas green algae and rocks.
  7. 7. When they were sleeping,another angry monster came.They could hear his heavyfootsteps and his huge andhideous roars.
  8. 8. Shark, full of courage, was peekingthrough the entrance of the cavewhere they were.
  9. 9. Then he saw a monster… It was Fly Refrigerator.
  10. 10. The cloud where she lived had fallen into the sea.Alone and scared he was searching for someoneto help him, because he did not like being alone.
  11. 11. Shark and Star Fire Rumrum were very happy when realizedthat Fly Refrigerator was not an evil monster. They gave a big hugand decided to help her get back to her cloud.
  12. 12. They went up to the surface in their submarineand Shark asked another friend for help.
  13. 13. Fortunately, Little Balls was in his balloon to seeif any forest was burning. From above, he can seethe fire and immediately call the firefighters. Sohe prevents the forest from burning because thefirefighters come quickly to extinguish it.
  14. 14. Fly climbed to the balloon and together withLittle Balls went to her cloud. She was very happybecause, with the help of her new friends, shewent back home.
  15. 15. Already in her home, she didn’t forget herfriends. Picked up the phone and sent them a sms.Thanks for everything.Im fine.I miss you.I will visit you again.
  16. 16. Shark and Rumrum Fire Star Fly-Fridgeanswered with another SMS. We will never forgetyou, Fly-Fridge.We are your friendsand we love you.