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Story Sweden-Spanish state

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Story Sweden-Spanish state

  1. 1. These two monsters learned each others languages and they played with each other and became great friends. Out of nowhere a fire starts in the forest.
  2. 2. The monsters got scared when they saw the fire and they ran back to the cave as fast as they could. Luckily, the monsters made it back to the cave and they lay down to rest their bodies.
  3. 3. The two monsters looks up into the ceiling of the cave . There is a hole in the roof and they catch sight of who it is that is spraying out fire on the cave. cave.
  4. 4. The dragon sees the water monsters and becomes afraid of them so the dragon runs away and leaves the forest. The water monsters shuts down the fire in the forest and in the cave. We made it! The monsters shouts out. But now we have to build up our cave again, so we can have a place to rest.
  5. 5. The dragon,who burnt the forest and the cave, came and said:” sorry. I want to help rebuild the cave. And I want to be your friend”. Water monsters forgave the dragon and became friends
  6. 6. Another dragon appeared. He became angry a lot because he saw that all were friends
  7. 7. Water monsters wore fire costumes…